Constellation The Triangle

Triangulum (The Triangle): gift, map and visability

  • Meaning: The Triangle
  • Best seen in: December
  • Family: Perseus
  • Latitude: +90° to -50°

Triangulum or The Triangle is one of the 88 constellations modern astronomers have divided the sky into. It's part of the Perseus constellation family. Triangulum is best seen in December (from latitudes +90° to -50°).

This constellation is located between Andromeda, Perseus, and Aries. Aratus described it as an isosceles triangle, having two equal sides and a shorter third side. Eratosthenes said that it represented the Nile river delta. Roman stargazers, on the other hand, associated it with the island of Sicily, which is somewhat triangular in shape. As of 2016, Triangulum has 4 recognized planets.

Triangulum Constellation Map

Triangulum Constellation Map
Triangulum icon

Main Stars in The Triangle (Triangulum)

The constellation Triangulum contains several bright stars that make up its shape. Some of these main stars are known as:

  • Beta Trianguli
  • Ras al Mothallah
  • Gamma Trianguli
  • Delta Trianguli
  • 6 Trianguli
  • Epsilon Trianguli
  • HD 13189

Some of the deep sky objects which have been discovered in Triangulum include: Triangulum Galaxy, NGC 604, NGC 595, NGC 634, NGC 925, NGC 784, NGC 953.

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Constellation facts about Triangulum

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