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Beta Leporis – Star Facts

- 6 November 2019

Beta Leporis

Beta Leporis is 240 million years-old and is sometimes referred to as Nihal which is Arabic for ‘quenching their thirst’. However, Al Nihal was once used in ancient Arabic to mean ‘the drinking camels’. This yellow bright giant also measures about 16 times the radius of the Sun and has 3.5 solar masses.

Beta Ceti – Star Facts

- 30 October 2019

Beta Ceti

Beta Ceti has two traditional names, Deneb Kaitos or Al Dhanab al Ḳaiṭos al Janubiyy in Arabic and Diphda, meaning ‘the southern tail of Cetus‘ and ‘the second frog’ respectively. It shines approximately 145 times that of the Sun and because it exhibits periodic flares, its brightness does change.

Beta Centauri – Star Facts

- 24 October 2019

Beta Centauri

Beta Centauri is made up of three stars and is the 10th brightest star in the night sky shining 15,500 times more than the Sun. In mythology, the culture of the Boorong people called this star (along with Alpha Centauri) Bermbermgle. They signified two brothers who were known for their courage for killing Tchingal ‘the Emu’ from the Coalsack Nebula.