Black Hole Light Beams

- 4 November 2017

Black holes comprise some of the biggest mysteries in space research. Recently scientists discovered X-Ray light emitting near the hole. Where did the light come from? Read on to learn more about black hole light beams.

Water Bubbles Protect Cosmic Dust

- 16 September 2017

Imagine having a giant water bubble surround you to protect against a fire. The bubble would never burst no matter how hot the fire burned. Researchers have discovered that dust entering our atmosphere is protected by a bubble. Read on to learn more about water bubbles in space.

Talking to Aliens

- 14 July 2017

Do you know how to interpret smoke signals like the American Indians? Can you understand Morse Code signals sent by flashlights? Scientists have been researching Alien communication and how to understand their language. Read on to find out more about talking to Aliens.

Does Dark Matter Exist?

- 24 June 2017

What keeps the stars in galaxies like Andromeda swirling together? Why do the outermost stars travel as fast as the innermost stars? Read on to learn about Dark Matter and its impact on objects in space.