Talking to Aliens

- 14 July 2017

Do you know how to interpret smoke signals like the American Indians? Can you understand Morse Code signals sent by flashlights? Scientists have been researching Alien communication and how to understand their language. Read on to find out more about talking to Aliens.

Does Dark Matter Exist?

- 24 June 2017

What keeps the stars in galaxies like Andromeda swirling together? Why do the outermost stars travel as fast as the innermost stars? Read on to learn about Dark Matter and its impact on objects in space.

BOYAJIAN’S STAR The Mystery Continues

- 1 June 2017

If you look into the water and see a dark shadow do you think it is a fish? If it is large, do you think it may be a shark? It is hard to tell from shadow what lies below the surface of the water. Scientists are trying to discover what is passing in front of the Boyajian Star. Read on to learn more about this great mystery.

Navigation Devices of Ancient Mariners

- 19 May 2017

Do you own a map? Most people these days have a phone that helps them navigate directions. Imagine for a minute not having a map or your phone. How would you find your way to the next town? The ancient mariners used the stars, moon, sun, and planets to help them navigate the vast oceans. Read on to learn about the devices they used.

Johannes Kepler Laws of Planetary Motion

- 28 April 2017

Imagine for a moment that you lived in the year 1594. The telescope has not yet been invented. You believe that the Earth is the center of the universe. Then, a mathematician comes along and states that the sun is at the center of the universe. Would you believe this person? He also states that the moon controls the tides. What would you think? Read on to learn more about Johannes Kepler and his applied laws to planetary motion.

Gods of the Sun and Moon

- 21 April 2017

Have you ever read stories about the ancient Gods and Goddesses from different groups of people? They often created these Gods to explain the reason the sun rose or the moon eclipsed. Read on to learn more the Sun and Moon Gods.