The search for extrasolar planets

- 25 May 2022

The first serious attempt to detect an extrasolar planet was made by Huygens in the 17th century. However, he soon realized that with his modest telescope he could not achieve sufficiently precise observations, which are of great importance in this case.

Amazing facts about comets

- 23 May 2022

Comets are beautiful astronomical visions that consist of three parts: the nucleus, the coma and the tail. The comet’s core is filled with frozen gases, dust and stones which are released during orbit to create a coma (atmosphere) and tail.

Labor Day planet conjunction

- 2 May 2022

Not so long ago, Labor Day was a “must have” event to be celebrated. Today, it is a somewhat faded scrapbook of the efforts of the ordinary, normal, working population and their household to ensure their human needs through their work. But…

The date that keeps showing up in our space history

- 29 April 2022

April 12 is a day that the United Nations has so far celebrated as the International Day of Man’s Flight into Space. The general hysteria currently reigning in the world has led to this day not being mentioned in the media. And the reason for the celebration is incredible: on that day, Gagarin flew into space and hinted at a completely new era.

Amazing science: Can a fire burn in a spaceship?

- 27 April 2022

Man has consciously lit the first fire long ago, in ancient times. From then until today, we’ve learned that fire is a good servant and a bad master. However, it has always been a fire on earth. With the first flights into space, the question arose as to how fire burns under conditions of zero gravity.