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Showcase your star certificate; how to choose the perfect picture frame.

- 11 October 2018

framing-star certificate-pricture frame

You have received the OSR personalized star certificate with your unique star coordinates, star name and star date. Now you would like to show off your personalized star certificate in your home. Customers regularly ask us for the best possible way to frame their certificates. This step-by-step explanation shows the best way to frame your OSR star certificate. The following tips on how to frame your certificate are also applicable when framing a painting, diploma or poster.

Sephora and OSR: Galaxy Partners

- 7 November 2017

Sephora Blog

French beauty chain Sephora, renowned for their perfumes and cosmetics, launches a brand new limited edition eyeshadow palette on the 7th of November 2017. Sephora partnered with Online Star Register (OSR) to launch the Mixology Galaxy Palette, in an endeavor to bring eyeshadow users an experience unlike any other in the world.