OSR Guide

Hey, is that a bear stuck on Mars?!

- 13 February 2023

A new discovery on Mars will make many happy. On the neighboring planet, NASA’s Reconnaissance orbiter, which has been circling Mars since 2006 and recording its surface, this time sent a picture of a relief that looks like a bear’s head from afar, from the position of the spacecraft’s camera.

Mercury’s odd and fascinating day

- 13 January 2023

On our planet, the Sun appears in the east, then it rises and when it reaches the highest point in the sky, it is noon. After that, the Sun descends towards the horizon and sets in the west. Then it’s evening. When the Sun rises again one day is completed.

ROSCOSMOS TV shows drama in space

- 11 January 2023

When the astronauts on the International Space Station woke up on December 14th, they certainly had a lot to see! The Soyuz MS-22 spacecraft (currently serving as a life-threatening rescue vehicle for the ISS crew) was surrounded by a diffuse canopy.