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Name a star as a unique Graduation gift

- 11 May 2022

unique graduation gift

Graduation is a big milestone! Are you looking for a unique Graduation gift? Whether you’re looking for a high school graduation gift, a gift for your loved one who earned a certificate or diploma, or anyone you think deserves words of recognition, we’ve got you! Name a star in the Online Star Register,  the perfect graduation gift that is suitable for everyone!

The analemma

- 4 April 2022

Although astronomy is a high-tech science today, it deals with many ancient Greek phrases. One of them is the analemma – an elongated octave curve that shows the position of the Sun in the sky during a year, observed from the same place at the same time.

The Inexplicable 18 minutes

- 17 March 2022

Something unusual happened 4,000 years ago in the remote areas of our galaxy. The mysterious signal with extremely low periodicity, which has not been noticed in space so far, aroused great interest in the world and domestic media.