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Gifts for a Dad who wants nothing

- 27 May 2024

Finding Gifts for a dad who wants nothing can be very challenging. However, I am here to help simplify the process and even give you some tips for the best gifts to give your father. Explore a diverse range of thoughtful gift ideas tailored for even the most elusive dads. From memorable experiences to practical essentials, handmade creations, and even the symbolic gesture of naming a star after your dad.

Unique Father’s day gifts 2024

- 27 May 2024

Every dad deserves some love and appreciation, especially on Father’s Day. If you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of Unique Father’s Day gifts to help you show your dad how much he means to you. From personalized keepsakes to fun activities, we have something for every type of dad.

Discover our Corporate Gifts

- 29 April 2024

Looking for an original gift for an upcoming company event? Then naming a star is the perfect choice. In addition to personal occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or memorials, Online Star Register also offers the opportunity to commemorate company events or Christmas gift baskets with a named star. Our corporate gifts allow you to procure multiple personalised stars at once, with a variety of customization choices to align perfectly with your brand. Explore this blog to delve deeper into this process and discover the extraordinary choices that Online Star Register has to offer!

Buy a star for someone

- 28 September 2023

Buy a star for someone, the most original gift in the universe! You can buy one for your loved one, a parent, a friend or anyone who is celebrating a special event! In this blog we’ll tell you all about the why and how about buying a star as a gift.

How Can I Find My Star?

- 10 August 2023

How to find your star? You have been given a beautiful, personal gift: your own star. In this blog we will tell you all about how you can best enjoy your everlasting gift. You’ll learn everything there is to know about our stargazing tools that will help you find your star!