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The Oort Cloud

- 14 October 2017

Have you ever seen a comet? Where did it come from? Why can’t we see thousands of comets passing thru the night sky? Read on to learn more about the Oort Cloud.

The Pleiades Star Cluster

- 7 October 2017

Looking into the night sky we often look for constellations. Did you know that there appears a star cluster that shines bright like diamonds in the sky? Read on to learn more about the Pleiades star cluster.

Atmosphere on Earth’s Moon

- 7 October 2017

When we look at the moon we see a rocky surface filled with impact basins. Could the moon at one time have an atmosphere? If it did, how does that information help us now? Read on to learn more about the moon and its atmosphere.

Plate Tectonics and Meteors

- 30 September 2017

Plate tectonics is a theory that scientists work to learn more about every day. What caused the plates to go into motion? New research suggests a possible link between meteors and the plates. Read on to learn more about meteor impact and plate tectonics.

Herschel and the Milky Way

- 30 September 2017

During the late 18th century siblings Caroline and Sir William Herschel made fascinating discoveries. Their work mapping the Milky Way Galaxy helped advance astronomy. Read on to learn more about their amazing discoveries.

Water Bubbles Protect Cosmic Dust

- 16 September 2017

Imagine having a giant water bubble surround you to protect against a fire. The bubble would never burst no matter how hot the fire burned. Researchers have discovered that dust entering our atmosphere is protected by a bubble. Read on to learn more about water bubbles in space.