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Tardigrades on The Moon

- 23 August 2019


When Israel launched its moon lander Beresheet earlier this year it carried thousands of microscopic water bears. In April, Beresheet crashed on the surface of the moon. What happened to the water bears? Read on to find out more about these creatures on the moon’s surface.

Earth’s Leaking Core

- 16 August 2019

Earths core

Researchers have recently released a report that Earth’s core has been leaking for over two million years. What impact has that had on the Earth’s top layer? Read on to learn more about Earth’s leaking core.

Printing 3D Objects for Space

- 28 July 2019

Sending large objects to space for building structures like the International Space Station is expensive. 3D printing those structures in space is less expensive. Read on to learn more about 3D printing for space structures.