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Proof that life on this planet is truly resilient

- 3 June 2024

When talking about climate change, it is always mentioned that due to not taking care of our home planet, we will gradually lead it to destruction. So, we ask the question – are there, perhaps, different forms of life here on Earth, with a stronger DNA suited for extreme survival? If so, could they make it in space?

Gifts for a Dad who wants nothing

- 27 May 2024

Finding Gifts for a dad who wants nothing can be very challenging. However, I am here to help simplify the process and even give you some tips for the best gifts to give your father. Explore a diverse range of thoughtful gift ideas tailored for even the most elusive dads. From memorable experiences to practical essentials, handmade creations, and even the symbolic gesture of naming a star after your dad.

Unique Father’s day gifts 2024

- 27 May 2024

Every dad deserves some love and appreciation, especially on Father’s Day. If you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of Unique Father’s Day gifts to help you show your dad how much he means to you. From personalized keepsakes to fun activities, we have something for every type of dad.