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The Voyager Golden Record

- 17 February 2018

In 1977, NASA launched the Voyager 1 spacecraft as a probe to send back data from space. NASA also included a very special capsule on board in case advanced species intercepted Voyager 1. Read on to learn more about what Voyager 1 is carrying aboard their interstellar flight.

Magnetic Poles Upcoming Switch

- 10 February 2018

Scientists know that Earths magnetic field is generated by the spinning of the magnetic core. At some point, the Earth’s poles will swap and reverse north and south. When will that happen next? Read on to learn more about Earth swapping its magnetic poles.

The Great Attractor

- 10 February 2018

Where are we heading as we travel through space? We know that our galaxy is moving, but what moves us along? Will we crash into another galaxy? Read on to learn more about the Great Attractor.