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New Telescope to Capture The Universe

- 31 December 2017

We already know that NASA’s Hubble telescope has successfully captured thousands of pictures of space. NASA is working to develop a new telescope that would achieve a broader scope of space and potentially exoplanets. Read on to learn more about WFIRST from NASA.

Flying Untethered in Space

- 30 December 2017

1n 1984 NASA astronaut Bruce McCandless II flew untethered from the spacecraft Challenger. What kind of equipment did he use? How long did he fly? Read on to find out more about flying in space by jet propulsion.

What Did The Wise Men Follow?

- 24 December 2017

Each year at Christmas time millions of people around the world read about the birth of Jesus Christ and the account of the wise men. What was it that they followed to find Jesus? Read on to find out more about the Star of Bethlehem.

Aliens and Interstellar Travel

- 23 December 2017

People have long speculated that we have aliens visiting the Earth from galaxies far away. Is it possible? What would it take to visit the Earth from the far reaches of space? Read on to learn more about aliens and interstellar travel.