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Water Bubbles Protect Cosmic Dust

- 16 September 2017

Imagine having a giant water bubble surround you to protect against a fire. The bubble would never burst no matter how hot the fire burned. Researchers have discovered that dust entering our atmosphere is protected by a bubble. Read on to learn more about water bubbles in space.

The Study of Isolation in Space

- 15 September 2017

Can you imagine being isolated from the world for 30 days? Would you be able to survive? How about sixty days? A team of NASA research subjects completed six months in isolation. Read on to find out how they survived and what they learned.

Naming Surface Features on Pluto

- 9 September 2017

When referring to surface areas on a celestial body scientists like to have names to refer to. Recently, the IAU officially named 14 areas on the surface of Pluto. Read on to learn more about the names they chose.

Light Driven Nano Spaceships

- 9 September 2017

Imagine tiny spacecraft traveling through space powered by the light of the sun. Can scientists develop ultra-fast light-driven nano-spacecraft? Read on to learn more about nano spaceships.


Diamonds on Neptune

- 26 August 2017

Have you ever experienced a hailstorm? Pebbles of ice loudly hitting the roof of your home or car can seem very unusual. What would you think if instead of ice, diamonds fell from the sky? It may be possible on Neptune. Read on to find out how.