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Sunspot Observation with SOHO

- 14 July 2017

Solar storms can cause Earth’s atmosphere to swell, making it difficult for satellite communication. Scientists have an observatory to study the sun and warn us about solar flares. Read on to learn about this observatory.

Talking to Aliens

- 14 July 2017

Do you know how to interpret smoke signals like the American Indians? Can you understand Morse Code signals sent by flashlights? Scientists have been researching Alien communication and how to understand their language. Read on to find out more about talking to Aliens.

NASA’s Asteroid Bumping Spacecraft

- 8 July 2017

Asteroids have hit the Earth for thousands of years. The whole Earth is peppered with craters. NASA is working to bump an asteroid to prevent it from hitting the Earth. Do you think it will work? Read on to find out how it works.

How to Get A Rocket to Stick the Landing

- 7 July 2017

Have you ever tried to throw a ping pong ball into a cup that is spinning on a table at the fair? It is quite hard to do right? When scientists want to bring a rocket back to earth, they try to do the same thing. Read on to find out how scientists land a rocket back on Earth.

Does Dark Matter Exist?

- 24 June 2017

What keeps the stars in galaxies like Andromeda swirling together? Why do the outermost stars travel as fast as the innermost stars? Read on to learn about Dark Matter and its impact on objects in space.