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Your Perfect Valentine’s zodiac match

- 31 January 2023

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, a day of love! But what kind of person is your best match? Check out our Valentine zodiac matches! Find your zodiac sign below and see who would be a perfect Valentine’s match for you! Whether you’re looking for a new partner or if you want to know if you and your partner are a good Zodiac Match, you can find it here. It’s all written in the stars and you can read everything about it in this blog.

Mars throughout history

- 25 January 2023

The Chaldeans and other ancient nations knew Mars as one of the five “wandering stars” (the Greeks called the wandering stars planets, hence the current name for these bodies). They also know Mars’ characteristic that it sometimes moves backwards in the sky – the so called retrograde movement, but only in relation to faster bodies.