Discover the universe with the Fly me to the Stars VR app!

Fly me to the stars app

The OSR Fly me to the Stars VR app lets you explore the universe and learn about the 88 constellations in our night sky. Draw all golden constellations to unlock new planets. Complete the game and receive a reward! View the details about your own special star to learn more about astronomy. The free mobile VR App is available for iOS and Android. Download the app now and fly to the stars!

All you need is a phone to download the Fly me to the stars app and a pair of VR glasses. Put on your VR glasses and bring the universe to you!

Fly me to the stars VR app

How do you fly to the stars in VR?

To playfully learn about the universe OSR has created the Fly me to the stars VR app. This app will take you on a trip through the universe. Locate and fly to your own star, or connect stars in a unique constellation game.

To start your virtual reality space adventure, place your phone in your VR glasses or VR Headset according to the instructions. As you are flying through space, you can:

  • Start your journey and discover the galaxy in virtual reality
  • Explore planets and collect constellation bundles from each surface
  • Travel to the moon to play the constellation game and claim a reward
  • Fly to your own star and admire your personal memories and star details.
  • Share your personal Sky with family and friends

Don’t have any VR glasses? Our Super Star Gift comes with a VR cardboard that matches the app perfectly!

How does the VR app work?

In your journey to the stars, you will be presented with the main menu. From here you can navigate to all the options the app has to offer.

  • VR Journey: Start or continue on your quest to explore the universe. Play the constellation game or view your own star in Virtual Reality
  • My Stars: View your saved stars, take screenshots up close and add personal memories to personalize your star.
  • My Galaxy: Check your progress in the game, and gain more insight into the constellations of our galaxy.
  • Share your Sky: Share a panorama of your personal night sky, which includes the canvas of constellations you’ve created in the game and your personal stars.
  • Settings: Change the language and audio settings in the app, visit or watch the tutorial again.

Curious to see how the app works? Then download the Fly me to the Stars VR app for FREE and try it yourself!

Fly me to the stars VR app

Explore the universe in a unique VR experience!

Step into a grand adventure and play among the stars. If you’ve already named a star, you can fly to your own star and feel like you are part of the universe. The Fly me to the stars VR app is a revolutionary way to visualize your star. You can even stand on the surface of your star, overlooking the galaxy! Complete missions and get to know all the 88 constellations in a playful way. Guaranteed hours of fun for kids and adults!

Only Online Star Register offers you this unique feature when naming a star. Download the Fly me to the stars app now and discover the universe in virtual reality!


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