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Epsilon Pegasi – Star Facts

- 13 February 2020

Epsilon Pegasi

Epsilon Pegasi is also known as Enif from the Arabic word meaning ‘nose’, due to its position in the Pegasus constellation. Historically this star was referred to by other names in other cultures. Its traditional name is derived from Fom al Feras, which is Latinised to Os Equi. In the Asian culture this star is called Wei Su, meaning ‘Rooftop’ in reference to Pegasus.

Epsilon Canis Majoris – Star Facts

- 29 January 2020

Epsilon Canis Majoris

Epsilon Canis Majoris is also known as Adhara, an Arabic word meaning ‘virgins’. It’s the second brightest star in Canis Major and 24th overall in the night sky. However, 4.7 million years-ago Adhara was actually the most luminous in the sky. No other star has ever been this bright, nor is one expected to be for at least five million years.