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Epsilon Boötis – Star Facts

- 24 January 2020

Epsilon Bootis

Epsilon Boötiis is also known as Izar from the Arabic word meaning ‘veil’ and Pulcherrima which is Latin for ‘the loveliest’. In 1973 a Scottish astronomer and science fiction writer, Duncan Lunan, said he interpreted a message from the 1920s probe orbiting the Moon. He claimed the message was sent to the probe from the inhabitants of a planet orbiting Epsilon Bootis.

Denebola – Star Facts

- 15 January 2020


Denebola is from the Arabic language meaning, ‘the lion’s tail’, which is in the constellation of Leo. In the Ancient Chinese culture, their astronomers gave Denebola the first star designation in the five-star asterism ‘Seat of the Five Emperors’. In astrology, Denebola was believed to bring misfortune and disgrace. It’s also 15 times brighter than the Sun.

Deneb – Star Facts

- 8 January 2020


Deneb is from the Latin language meaning ‘tail’, and is one of the largest white stars known today. It is also called Alpha Cygni and is a blue-white supergiant with 20 solar masses and 200 times the radius of the Sun. After a few million years Deneb’s core will collapse producing a supernova. In Chinese mythology Deneb is the bridge of magpies a Princess crosses.