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Beta Tauri – Star Facts

- 21 November 2019

Beta Tauri

Beta Tauri has the traditional name of Elnath which is derived from Arabic (al-nath) meaning ‘butting’ and is in reference to the bull’s horns of the Taurus constellation. When searching for Elnath, look for the ‘V’ shape of Taurus the Bull. Once you have located this pattern, Beta Tauri is the Northernmost star representing the bull’s left horn.

Beta Pegasi – Star Facts

- 13 November 2019

Beta Pegasi

Beta Pegasi is the second brightest star in its home constellation shining 1,500 times that of the Sun. Its traditional name of Scheat comes from Arabic meaning ‘the upper arm’. Arabian astronomers have also named this star Mankib al Faras meaning ‘the horse’s shoulder’. This star loses mass each year expanding it to 3,500 time the radius of the Sun.

Beta Leporis – Star Facts

- 6 November 2019

Beta Leporis

Beta Leporis is 240 million years-old and is sometimes referred to as Nihal which is Arabic for ‘quenching their thirst’. However, Al Nihal was once used in ancient Arabic to mean ‘the drinking camels’. This yellow bright giant also measures about 16 times the radius of the Sun and has 3.5 solar masses.