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Circinus – Constellation Facts

- 16 February 2017

Circinus Stars

Circinus is another relatively small constellation, in fact it comes in at the fourth smallest constellation in the night sky. It is located in the third quadrant of the Southern hemisphere and can be viewed specifically at latitudes between +30° and -90°. Its name is derived from the Latin language “the compass”; the tool used for drawing circles.

Bellatrix – Star Facts

- 15 February 2017


Bellatrix is about 20 million years-old and is thought to have six times the radius of the Sun and eight or nine solar masses. Bellatrix also has a bluish-hue and shines the 3rd brightest in its home constellation and 27th overall in the night sky. Bellatrix is also one of the four stars that are used in celestial navigation.

Chamaeleon – Constellation Facts

- 9 February 2017

Chamaeleon Stars

Chamaeleon is a relatively small constellation in the second quadrant of the Southern hemisphere. It can be viewed specifically at latitudes between 0° and -90°. As its name suggests, this constellation is named after a lizard; the chameleon.

Barnard’s Star – Star Facts

- 8 February 2017

Barnards Star

Barnard’s Star was named after the astronomer E.E. Barnard. This 7 to 12 billion year-old star may be one of the oldest ones in the Milky Way. It’s traveling closer to the Sun and will be nearest in the year of 11,800. Astronomer Peter van de Kamp reported it had up to three planets in its orbit, but this turned out to be wrong.

Cetus – Constellation Facts

- 2 February 2017

Cetus Stars

Cetus is the sea monster in Greek mythology that had Andromeda left as a sacrifice for her mother’s vanity. It lies in the first quadrant of the Southern hemisphere and is located specifically between latitudes of +70° and -90°. Along with other constellations, Cetus was first catalogued in the 2nd century by, Ptolemy, a Greek astronomer.

Arcturus – Star Facts

- 1 February 2017


Arcturus is derived from the ancient Greek language meaning ‘guardian of the bear’, because of its proximity to Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. Romans spoke of Arcturus as the narrator of the prologue, Rudens. Arab culture refers to this star as Al Simak al Ramih meaning ‘Leg of the Lance-bearer’, and in Chinese this star is called Ta-Kio or ‘the Great Horn’.

Valentine’s Day Poems to Make One Melt

- 11 January 2017

Poems Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us, have you decided how you are going to express your undying love to your significant other? Candies and flowers are your typical romantic gesture, but if you want to really wow them this Valentine’s Day, why not send a romantic poem that will melt their heart? If you don’t have the prose of a poet, no problem. Check out our romantic Valentine’s Day poems that are ready for you to copy, paste, send or print. And don’t worry, it will be our little secret…

Valentine’s Day Facts That Make You Look Smart

- 10 January 2017

Valentines Day Facts

Valentine’s Day… February 14th. A day when we should remember our significant other and be happy they are in our lives. It’s also the perfect occasion to indulge in some chocolate, wine, roses, love and romance. If you are just starting out in a relationship, or are trying to meet someone special, then you may not have to haul out the heavy artillery of the typical Valentine’s Day fare just yet; however, you will still want to have something to make an impression with. If this doesn’t include a fancy car or a stunning wardrobe, then you may have to resort to your smarts. Check out these interesting Valentine’s Day fun facts that will have you sounding like a well-read scholar.

How to Reveal Yourself to Your Valentine Crush

- 9 January 2017

Valentines Day Reveal

February 14th is the traditional day where love is in the air and on everyone’s lips. But what if you are secretly pining away for that one special person you just can’t stop thinking about? This day can be a nasty reminder that your love has not yet been explored and is definitely unrequited. If this is you, then read on to discover some romantic and unique ways to let that person know how you secretly feel.