Where stars are born

- 5 November 2022

Real stars (the one up there) were formed over millions of years. They last for tens, hundreds and billions of years, create new life. Curiously even when they die out, only eons separate us from the moment when their star dust and gas will once again form brand new stars.

Russian X-ray observatory: Spektr-RG

- 21 October 2022

The sky we all know above our heads looks completely different when seen in the X-ray spectrum. What radiates in such a way? What do scientists learn from such data? Let’s answer these by getting acquainted with one of the largest X-ray telescopes of the last 15 years!

Welcome back Jupiter!

- 19 October 2022

You may have noticed how Jupiter shines these nights. It dominates the sky and if it is clear you will see it already at dusk. It is indeed the brightest object visible in the night (after the Moon, of course).