Locate Your Own Star in the Night Sky with the OSR Star Finder App

OSR Star Finder 2.0

The Online Star Register offers a FREE mobile app for iOS and Android to locate stars and constellations in the night sky. Naming and finding a star registered with the Online Star Register (OSR) is even easier with the Star Finder App. Pinpoint a specially named star’s location in the sky with a unique star code, or browse constellations based on your location.

Naming a star is a special gift that a friend or loved one isn’t likely to forget, as long as they can locate it in the sky. Unfortunately, it’s easy to forget about the star if it can’t easily be located with the naked eye. Instead of stepping outside and making a guess, OSR makes locating the star in the night sky a breeze with the Star Finder App.

OSR Star Finder

“This app makes it easy to know which constellations you’re looking at, even if you can’t see all of the stars.”

What does the Star Finder app do?

This app was specially created by OSR to help registered star owners locate their stars easily. With the OSR Star Finder app you can:

  • Simply aim your phone at the sky and the app will locate the star based on its unique OSR Code.
  • Share a photo of the star, or navigate to the personalized Star Page.
  • Learn more about the star’s cosmic neighborhood and explore other stars and constellations in the area.
  • Locate the star during the day by switching on Night Mode. You can also switch the Augmented Reality-mode on and off.
  • Adjust the filters so you can view planets, the moon, and the horizon.

Locating a star can be especially difficult because the night sky changes throughout the year. By using the Pick the Best feature on the app, you can:

  • Learn what time of year your star is most visible.
  • Input your exact location so you can find the star in relation to your position to the night sky.
  • Find out which constellations are currently visible from your location.

The best way to understand how the app works is to experience it. Simply download the app and enter the OSR Code LPR805246 to view an example of a named star!

Star Finder

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How do users like the Star Finder?

Because the app can be used with or without a specially named star, many users have wonderful things to say about it. One user comments, “After guessing at constellations for a while, we tried this app – A lot of fun and made it easier.”

Another user says, “If you are looking for a fast, free stargazing app, look no further, you have found the one!”

If you decide you’re ready to name a star for someone special after browsing stars in the sky, you can do it quickly and easily with the app too.

If you’re looking for an unbelievable gift, it really doesn’t get any better than a registered star with the Online Star Register. If you’re ready to name a star for a friend, family member, or co-worker, learn more about the gift packs we have to offer. Don’t forget to check out our themed gifts that are available for a variety of special occasions!