Constellation The Dolphinfish

Dorado (The Dolphinfish): gift, map and visability

  • Meaning: The Dolphinfish
  • Best seen in: January
  • Family: Bayer
  • Latitude: +15° to -90°

Dorado or The Dolphinfish is one of the 88 constellations modern astronomers have divided the sky into. It's part of the Bayer constellation family. Dorado is best seen in January (from latitudes +15° to -90°).

The constellation represents the colorful Dolphinfish, ‘mahi-mahi’, found in tropical waters. The constellation also contains most of an irregular galaxy named, ‘the Large Magellanic Cloud’. This galaxy is third closest to the Earth and has a mass that is ten billion times that of the Sun. Dorado was created by Dutch Astronomer Petrus Plancius. The constellation is also known as ‘the Swordfish’.

Dorado Constellation Map

Dorado Constellation Map
Dorado icon

Main Stars in The Dolphinfish (Dorado)

The constellation Dorado contains several bright stars that make up its shape. Some of these main stars are known as:

  • Alpha Doradus
  • Beta Doradus
  • Gamma Doradus
  • Delta Dorados
  • R Doradus
  • S Doradus
  • Zeta Doradus

Some of the deep sky objects which have been discovered in Dorado include: Large Magellanic Cloud, Tarantula Nebula, SNR 0509-67.5, SN 1987A, The Ghost Head Nebula, N44, NGC 1566.

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Constellation facts about Dorado

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