Christmas Decorating Ideas

10 Dec 2015

Christmas Decoration Ideas

It’s time once again to get those decorations out and give your home that once-a-year holiday makeover. I think this is my favorite part of the entire season. I love taking my ordinary room and wrapping it in festive attire. Lights, baubles and holiday ornaments all add a beautiful glow and eye-catching glory to my home. Let’s take a look at some simple and fabulous Christmas decorating ideas that can turn an ordinary object or area into a twinkling seasonal masterpiece – some of these are my favorites.

Christmas Decoration

Lanterns add a welcoming glow to your home decor

Give a Warm Welcome

A welcoming entranceway outside is always appreciated. Outline your outside door with evergreen garlands twisted with twinkle lights, a seasonal wreath and a dash of red bows to make it really pop. If you have a free standing mailbox or pillars on your house this same Christmas decorating idea can be applied. It not only makes your home look inviting for the holidays, but is a nice addition to the overall neighborhood.

As I have been gathering ideas for my own home, I have seen huge old-fashioned-styled lanterns making a come back. These can be filled with large pillar candles and artificial greenery, then either placed outdoors on a front step, arranged on a mantle or used as centerpieces on a table. They provide a warm glow and are simple enough to use anywhere. If you want to have a safer alternative, try electric candles inside of flamed.

Christmas Centerpiece

Use glass containers for a splash of color and style

The Center of Attention

Centerpieces are the perfect addition to any table, whether it be your main dining table or low coffee tables. There are a number of ways to create beautiful table toppers. Pillar candles arranged on a silver tray with evergreen, holly, berries, seasonal artificial flowers, Christmas balls and other small ornaments, is simple yet, a beautiful addition to a boring table. For a splash of color drape tablecloths, runners or even an elegant placemat (for smaller tables) under your display. In addition, when you light the candles it provides an inviting glow to any room.

I have a number of vintage Christmas balls that I love to display each year. For these I use tall glass containers. Glass containers, vases and even bowls are readily available through home decor retailers and are perfect for filling up with those precious ornaments you don’t want to run the risk of breaking. If you have other interesting containers made of wood, tin or even baskets, can all serve has a lovely addition for decorating. Try using these to store your holiday fruit, nuts or candies in as well.

Christmas Theme Decoration

Follow your theme throughout the room

Theme Decorating

I love taking my main room and following a theme throughout. This can be as simple as using coordinating colors in holiday decor, or creating a definite pattern. For example, if you love roses, then use red roses for your accent colors mixed in with evergreen, silver and gold. You can even add artificial roses to your Christmas tree boughs. If your taste leans more to the old-fashioned, woodsy type, using birch accents, decorations made from heavy textured material (such as burlap) and wood will create the look you desire.

If your children are young, then doing a “Santa” theme throughout the room will have them squealing with delight. Use bright holiday colors, lots of garland, lights and whimsical decorations to really make your little ones Christmas memorable. Of course, always follow through with your theme when it comes to your Christmas tree – in most homes, the tree is the focus, so keep it inline with the rest of the decorating.

If you like to put the presents under the tree well ahead of time, this is also a great opportunity to make a picture perfect setting. Use coordinating paper, ribbon, bows, tags and other fancy adornments for the gifts. This not only fits within your theme, but the recipients of those gifts will love the time and effort it took you to wrap their gifts.

DIY Decor

I love to craft, so I look for opportunities to make things myself. These are guaranteed to be unique and I will get exactly what I’m looking for to add to my decor. For your big Christmas meal, don’t settle for ordinary napkin rings when you can easily make your own. Ribbons, recycled and decorated paper towel rolls, pendants, beads, bells and baubles can all add a festive flair to your holiday napkins.

Your little ones love the Advent Calendars, so why not countdown to Christmas with an advent display? Recycled tins, small boxes, paper bags and jars can all be decorated with seasonal paper, numbered, filled with treats and trinkets, then stacked or hung. This is not only exciting for your child, but it looks great as a display.

Christmas Decoration Calendar

Advent Calendars add excitement to the season

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, so do it right with your own Christmas decorations. There is no right or wrong way to decorate your home. If it makes you smile, then it is well worth the effort.

Merry Decorating Christmas!

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