The Astrologically Perfect Christmas Gift

What would Christmas be without a bunch of colorful boxes under the tree? But hey, no one wants to choose the wrong present – yeah, the odd one that then gets regifted to someone else. We are here to help you out – astrologically of course!

It’s easy to try and narrow down gifts based on hobbies, personal care, or the latest addition to the best-seller list.

But for an entertaining twist, why not let the stars be your guide this Christmas? If you know the sign of the giftee, whether family, friend, or your significant other, look to astrology to inspire you.


Courageous to a fault, yet spontaneous, the Aries recipient is highly active, so ideally you may want to gift something to help the impulsive ram relax.

A gift coupon to the day spa is a great way to give your favorite Aries some downtime.


Earth sign Taurus while practical loves relaxation time. They enjoy pampering, so silk pajamas, a collection of essential oils, or a spongy bathrobe for after-sauna wear (with matching slippers!) are sure to make your Taurus smile on Christmas morn.


Adventurous, curious Gemini has so many things going on at the same time that it’s hard to keep up with those born under this sign. Gemini is the Zodiac’s social butterfly and is governed by the planet of communication.

Mobile devices or accessories like a new cover for a tablet or a pair of air pods depending on your budget will delight the active twins.


Sensitive and self-protecting, this water sign is ruled by the moon making them dedicated to creating a cozy habitat and to self-care. Cancer also rules the stomach. A unique gift for the kitchen, the Christmas table, a collection of gourmet spices, or even a lovely bottle of wine will be appreciated by the Cancer in your group.


Spirited, fiery, passionate, and theatrical, Leo is the Zodiac’s diva. Astrology’s lion loves luxury and exclusivity.

Luxury accessories, a beautiful silk scarf or tie, or designer clothing are sure winners to encourage a twinkle in Leo’s eye come Christmas eve.


Logical and practical, this earth sign is the stars’ true perfectionist. Organization is their life’s work.

The Virgo giftee will appreciate anything that contributes to order, so a fitness tracking smartwatch, a monogrammed planning agenda, or even a beautiful pen and pencil set will warm a Virgo’s heart.


Air sign Libra is ruled by Venus which governs love, beauty, and money. Intellectual and artistic, the Libra loves symmetry to surround him or herself with beauty and exquisite objects.

A chic crystal vase, a plush pillow, or a coffee table art book will let the Libra in your heart know of your affection.


The water sign Scorpio is powerful and passionate.

Enigmatic, sensual, and seductive, gifts of body oils, lotions, creams, bath salts, or fragrances will stimulate Scorpio’s need for intensity.


The Zodiac’s fiery archer Sagittarius is a truly independent and lover of adventure.

A weekend trip, a day visit to a local winery, snorkeling, or skydiving will satiate the Sagittarian thirst for new experiences.

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Responsible and persistent, the Capricorn may seem conservative, but underneath that exterior, the Capricorn does have an untamed side.

These are the doers of the zodiac, so any gift in support of one of their many activities will be appreciated, whether new gym shoes, tickets to the theater or a sporting event, a cooking lesson, or a visit to the local brewery or distillery for some afternoon tasting.


Visionary and decidedly eccentric, your favorite Aquarius will love anything tech from gadgets to apps, but the Aquarius is also a humanitarian. So, supporting a favorite cause within the community may be your Aquarius’ favorite gift of the season.


Immensely sensitive and occasionally emotional, Pisces is governed by Neptune, ruler of dreams and creativity. A gift that supports a creative hobby like woodworking or sewing is sure to be right on the mark.

And if your Pisces doesn’t have a specific creative preference, tickets to the theater, opera, symphony, rock concert, or a day at a museum might open doors to new interests.

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