Admire your star in the Sparkling Starglobe

Sparkling Starglobe

With every Super Star Gift comes the sparkling Starglobe. This beautiful globe holds your named star surrounded by stardust. Shake your Starglobe to let the dazzling stardust swirl around. In this blog we’ve collected everything you need to know about our Starglobe.

What is the Starglobe?

The Starglobe is a specially designed snow globe which comes in OSR’s luxury Super Star Gift. Unlike a traditional snow globe, the Starglobe has sparkling stardust swirling around instead of falling snow. The globe contains a beautiful golden star in the center. The glitter filled sphere is displayed on a stellar blue base on which you can see several well-known constellations. The golden constellations on the side makes it the perfect accessory to exhibit in your home. Now you’ll remember your star in the twinkling of an eye.

Where do I find the Starglobe?

With every Super Star Gift the recipient will uncover the Starglobe, together with the OSR Gift Pack, OSR Telescope, VR Glasses and the Super Star Poster inside the stellar blue gift box. You’ll spot the Starglobe on the left when opening the gift box. In the image below you’ll see an example of the Super Star Gift with the Starglobe highlighted.

Sparkling Starglobe

The magic of globes

There’s something mysteriously beautiful about the globes which makes them truly enchanting to look at. Especially around Christmas time snow globes are a great present to give a loved one. This accessory is a symbol of winter and brings instant holiday cheer. Placing the Starglobe near your fireplace or on your dining table can really add to the warm ambiance in your home. Snow globes are also very collectible items. If you’re a collector of different types of snow globes then the Starglobe is a dazzling addition to your collection.

Shake it!

Shake your Starglobe to let the dazzling stardust swirl. Place the globe back in its upright position and see the stardust slowly fall down. Make sure you display the Starglobe out of direct sunlight or consistently high temperatures, so the globe remains in pristine condition. Place your globe anywhere in the house for all to see and enjoy your star at any time of the day. The Starglobe doesn’t take up much space and having it around your house can really fill your home with everlasting memories.

The Sparkling Starglobe is a specially designed snow globe which comes in OSR’s Super Star Gift. The globe has a transparent sphere holding a beautiful golden star, displayed on a stellar blue base. You can find the Starglobe in your Super Star Gift box. Shake your Starglobe and fill your heart with everlasting memories.


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