Astrological Christmas Decorating: What the Zodiac Says About You

A good part of getting ready for the upcoming holidays involves Christmas decorating. Even if you are at a loss about where to begin, the stars can give you a hint about your decorating inclinations.

Your zodiac sign can guide you to what’s the best Christmas décor for your home or office. Whether you are looking for a new twist or just need an idea for your festive look, read on for some astrological yuletide inspiration.


As a fire sign, an Aries might concentrate on including beautiful candles as a central theme of their holiday décor. Colorful fragrant candles can bring a real glow to the holiday atmosphere.

If you have a fireplace, make it a central piece of your Christmas theme with lovely Christmas stockings. And in case you’re leery about real flames, try flameless LED candles, and don’t forget to include a winter stag ornament as a nod to your sign.


The earth sign Taurus enjoys relaxation with soothing fragrances, reassuring sounds, and comfy, but beautiful furniture. Governed by Venus, the planet responsible for love and beauty. Wonderful fragrances and lovely Christmas music are a must.

Integrate oil diffusers or fragrant candles, Christmas pillows, diffused lights, and your favorite recordings of the best of Christmas classics.


Intellectually playful and curious, for Geminis, entertaining family and friends is a priority. Dinner parties and happy hours are music to your ears. So, when decorating, the Gemini will decorate not for themselves but for others that come to visit. Look for Christmas party and board games to integrate in your decorations.


Gentile and compassionate, water sign Cancer is represented by the Crab. The exterior is a hard shell, but inside they’re very sensitive. Cancers love their homes, and their families and Cancer rules the stomach.

Include family portraits or ornaments with photographs. Baking will be a good part of Cancer’s festivities, so Christmas themed tablecloths, bowls, and plates will be an integral part of holiday decorations.


Ruled by the sun, Leos are bright so plan on decorating with lots of lights. In windows, on doors, porches, and of course inside, bright lights will represent Leo’s gaudy side.

And don’t forget the roof! A bright light display that can be seen down the block is a perfect Leo decorating touch.


The earth sign Virgo doesn’t relish excess. Simplicity, beauty, and above all order are what Virgo loves, and items should be genuine. Expect a Virgo to have a real Christmas tree and an evergreen wreath with bright red berries help the Virgo shine.


Air sign Libra is represented by the scales pointing to Libra’s desire for balance and harmony. A Libra’s desire for symmetry can verge on obsessive.

Rather than Santa and his elves, Libra decorating might concentrate on a wintry theme. Snow-kissed wreaths and green boughs will contribute to understated elegance.


A water sign characterized by passion, Scorpios can be enigmatic but also demonstrate commitment and empathy. So, Scorpio decorations should reflect your passion. If you’re passionate about red, gold, or silver, let it show. If you love chocolate or Toblerone, include brightly wrapped pieces in your holiday cheer.


Flexible and adaptable, this archer is constantly on the move seeking change. A Sagittarius will enjoy good food, drink, and company. Christmas decorations should be fun! Snow globes, glitter,  and Christmas figurines can add to a festive atmosphere.


Resilient to a fault, Capricorns underneath their ambitious exterior do enjoy a party. Taking time to decorate will give them a chance to relax from scaling mountains.  Capricorns should plan on a subdued look with just enough lights to pierce the darkness.


Generous Aquarius wants Christmas décor to reflect their selfless side. Decorations may be personalized for friends and family that will be visiting. From individual ornaments or stockings, the Aquarius will think of everyone.


The water sign represented by two fish moving in opposite directions, Pisces struggles with reality and fantasy.  A sensitive music lover, Pisces will include Christmas music round the clock.

Favorite Christmas movies may be projected at parties, and Christmas decorations will be fantasy-oriented with Santa, elves, and a Rudolf for good measure.


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