Challenge: A movie shot in space

11 Nov 2023

OSR blog post

Anyone who likes the International Space Station (ISS) will also like this movie. Some frames in the film are as fascinating as in 2001 A Space Odyssey. How is that possible?

Let’s remember that Kubrick said that in order for a sci-fi film to be better than The Odyssey, it must be shot on location. And the Challenge was filmed on location, in space, in and around the International Space Station.

Of course, it does not mean that it is better than Odyssey, but it fascinates with the shots.

Check out more details in this video

The film lasts as much as 2 hours and 44 minutes, its dynamics are excellent, it keeps the viewer’s attention the whole time. The first half was shot on Earth, the second is located in space.

The main actress (Julija Peresild) and the director/cameraman (Klima Shipenka) actually flew to the International Space Station and, with the help of astronauts, filmed an exciting movie which is both an action and love story.

We’ve all seen shots from the ISS and views of Earth from the ISS, but the difference is that this was done professionally and with better equipment.

So, the movie brings viewers the most complete pleasure of staying and moving around the ISS, going for a walk and looking at the Earth!

The professional’s acting is on par as well, while in the acting of the real cosmonauts, who play cosmonauts in non-standard situations, you might end up feeling that they are not real actors. The main male role in the film is played by Serbian actor Miloš Biković.

Director Šipenko pointed out that Biković is one of his favorite actors, that he is a great actor and man, a friend with whom he made two films, the third one is waiting, and he hopes to make “ten more”.

At the premiere of the film, Biković stated that filming Challenge was something “Much more than what we are watching. A man and a woman went into space and did the work of an entire film crew. They were make-up artists, costume designers, stage designers, lighting designers, sound recorders, a director and an actor”.

Check out the trailer here