The Ruling Planets of The Twelve Zodiac Signs

22 Sep 2021

Astrology is defined as the observation of planets. Instead of challenging, the planets point to things, describing what is already happening. Let us take a closer look in this blog at how the planets affect the 12 zodiac signs.

A Natural Connection

The signs in the horoscope are like a background story and can tell us a lot about an area of our lives or our character and behavior. The more we know about a sign, the more the keys with which we decode the horoscope we are reading are revealed to us. Signs, as we know, also affect how a planet behaves, while a planet tells which part of our personality behaves under the influence of a sign.

Although the planets are influenced by signs in their behavior, they are also rulers of the signs in which they are the main ones. Each planet symbolizes different components of life, a different kind of energy. Each sign of the zodiac has a planet that rules it, and it acts in the most effective and favorable way within it.  The environment of the sign they rule suits them and they vibrate at similar frequencies with that sign, thus providing us with opportunities, talents, and open space for free action (if the rest of the horoscope supports it). There are also many possibilities why such opportunities are not used, but this is the principle of the planet’s rule over a sign.

The Ruling Planets Associated with The Zodiac Signs

There are 10 planets and 12 signs. Only the Sun and the Moon rule by one sign each, the planets from Mercury to Saturn by two signs each, and the outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are co-rulers.

  • The Sun (Leo) represents your ego, basic character, personality and what is in your heart. It shows how you treat the men in your life, especially your father. Check out some facts about the Sun.
  • The Moon (Cancer) represents your instinct, habits, and subconscious; what kind of home you want, how you treat women, and especially mothers.
  • Mercury talks about the ability to think, communicate, and gather information. It rules by making decisions, speaking, and writing. Mercury is the ruler of the signs Gemini and Virgo.
  • Venus (Libra and Taurus) represents the ability to express affection, love, possessiveness, and happiness. All that is beautiful in life, art, beauty, joy. Venus rules the signs of.
  • Mars (Aries and Scorpio) is aggression and energy. It is a symbol of activity, energy, struggle, physical strength.
  • Jupiter (Sagittarius) depicts our optimism, ability to make decisions, it rules over education, philosophy, and law. The position of Jupiter shows where we feel safe and where the opportunity should be taken.
  • Saturn (Capricorn and Aquarius) represents caution and fear, as well as ambition, responsibility, and determination. Without the obstacles of Saturn, we would never have evolved. It rules time, history, tradition and the past.
  • Uranus (Aquarius) is originality and the drive for freedom. It opposes the established order, norms, and rules. Uranus rules over geniuses, eccentrics, people who have a strong tendency to shock and upset others, even when they don’t seem to want to.
  • Neptune (Pisces) shows us the world through “pink glasses”, so we see what we want to see. It is a planet of imagination, illusion, secrets, and dreams, as well as intuition and spirituality.
  • Pluto (Scorpio) is a planet of extremes, transformation, regeneration, renewal, it affects change, but also attraction, charisma, power, and sexuality.

Therefore, every novice astrologer, after getting acquainted with the basics of zodiac signs, should pay special attention to the study of the planets. Their connection and the way they are arranged in the houses is one of the most important facets of dealing with astrology.

Until next time, we end this blog with another thought-provoking quote: