Last Minute: The Nr.1 Interstellar Christmas Gift

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind Christmas present, stay put. We’ve all heard of the star of Bethlehem that led the three wise to their historical encounter with baby Jesus, right?

So, what could be a better gift for the stargazer or amateur astronomer this Christmas season than their very own star!


Scientific Star Names

For scientific purposes, stars are given names by the International Astronomical Union which maintains its headquarters in Paris, France.  The IAU will give a star a number that refers to exactly where they are located in the sky.

This methodology is used to benefit the scientists that study galaxies and stars. Occasionally celestial bodies will be officially named for people, but this is usually reserved for comets or similar, but not stars.

Can I Give a Star Gift?

Yes, this original gift is a delightful way to tell someone you care. By contacting an online star register (like ours!) that keeps a database of stars that are close to the earth, you can select a star and name it.


Each star will have its unique characters and coordinates. These identifying abbreviations will include:

  • RA indicating Right Ascension
  • Dec indicating declination (Ra and Dec resemble latitude and longitude coordinates)
  • Mag indicating magnitude referring to a star’s brightness. Stars with an approximate 6.5 magnitude. Binoculars will allow you to see approximately ten. Anything greater than this will need a telescope.
  • Cen for Centaurus. A Centaurus is one of a total of 88 constellations located in the sky and can aid if finding your star.

You can purchase a star and we will provide you with the coordinates for your special star!

What Is an Online Star Register?

Star registries are private companies that maintain databases of stars and offer the possibility to name a star. While not scientifically recognized by the International Astronomy Union or by professional astronomers, the register is not intended for scientific endeavors or research, but to offer the possibility of giving a special gift.

How Do I Select a Star?

You’ll want to choose your star from one of the 88 recognized constellations because this will help you find it.

If you or the person receiving the gift is also a fan of astrology, you may do well if you choose a star in one of the recognizable Zodiac constellations. Another option is to choose a star in a constellation found in your hemisphere.

What Is the Procedure for Acquiring a Star?

Before purchasing your special gift, select a star name. The name can be for a person, a family, a couple, or something that has a special meaning for the person receiving the gift.

You will also be asked to select a star date. The date you select can be a day in the future or from the past and can represent any special day such as a birth, a wedding, or any special event. These two elements, the name, and date of your star are the details of your star’s registration.

While stars cannot be purchased, you can purchase the right to name a star and register one. Personalize away!

Is It Possible to Buy a Star from NASA?

No, NASA or the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is a scientific organization, so it does not sell star names or offer the opportunity to register stars.

Gifting a Christmas Star

Stars make great presents on any occasion, but a Christmas star has a special significance.

Gifting a personal star to someone this holiday season will be unique, heart-warming, and eternal!


How many gifts can claim the same?

Name a star!