The Hilarious Christmas Pranks List

17 Dec 2015

Christmas Prank Ideas

Christmas is the time to spread cheer and goodwill towards all men (and women), so why not have a little fun this holiday season with some well-timed and well-executed Christmas pranks? For the die-hard jokester, Christmas is the perfect time to indulge in some good-natured pranking fun. People are less suspecting this time of year and are more easily fooled, so pulling off some (harmless) Christmas pranks can lead to some hearty laughs.

Warning: Be careful who you prank as you don’t want to end up on the naughty end of your boss’s wrath!

Christmas Pranks

Runaway Present Christmas Prank

Our first prank is called “runaway present.” You will need; a nicely decorated box, heavy duty roll of string, a car, a “victim” and two set-up people. Wrap up a box with pretty Christmas paper and a bow. Take your sting and secure it firmly to the bottom of the box. Choose your person and drive over to their house. Leave the present on the step, ring the bell then quickly run back to the car while feeding out the string attached to the present. Get into the car holding onto the roll of string. When your unsuspecting recipient answers the door and sees the present, wait until they bend over to pick it up. Then take off from your parking spot trailing the gift behind you. Vehicular pranking can be fun, but the only trouble is you can’t see the expression on your victims face once you drive off.

Expanding foam has been used for years as a helpful way to seal up gaps in your home. This magical super-foam sprays on wet, but once it starts to dry it expands and hardens. It’s the perfect prank-substance that will slow that gift recipient down when “opening” their gift. This can work well for gift cards and smaller items you want to add some fun to. Just remember to protect the item you are sealing inside of this foam, as it may cause some damage to delicate objects.

Another word of caution; men this may not be the best way to present an engagement ring to your significant other. It’s not romantic at all and may lead her to think if getting the ring is this difficult, her future road may be littered with other ill-received pranks and comedies. Stick to non-serious gifts to get this laugh in the holiday season.

Christmas prank for children

Don’t kill off Santa

Christmas prank for children

Christmas prank ideas can also be played on your young children and is a great way to build some fun memories this Christmas season. Find or make Santa legs wearing his big black boots. Then secure the legs so they are just hanging off the edge of your roof, preferable in front of a window where the kids can spot them. Add a pre-recorded tape or have Santa mic’d, then play his distress call…”Ho Ho Help! I’m falling from the roof…ho ho help! Your kid’s faces will light up with…well…delight that Santa is here, or shock that their roof may be the end of him, but either way, it will make for a great video opportunity.

Christmas prank for co-workers

Pranking on your co-workers will either make you the delight of the office or the person everyone tries to avoid. If you are feeling exceptional festive-feisty, this next prank is sure to scratch that practical joke itch.

Pre-prank, bake some lovely Christmas cookies. Once cool, rim some of them around your toilet seat, then take a picture. The next day, bring in your baked goodies in a lovely tin and pass them around the office. After everyone has been delighted with their homemade treats, email them a picture of the cookie-lined toilet. This is a tad nasty, but more so if you actually put the toilet cookies into the tin instead of throwing them away.

If your kids have been dying to open a present before the big day, then this next Christmas prank idea may be just what you have been looking for. Take a box and throw any number of “bad kid gifts” inside. Cleaning supplies, old newspaper, canned goods, or your pet’s old blanket and toys all make perfect prank gifts. Wrap it up with decorative paper and lots of tape – this really builds excitement in them – then set the camera to record and watch your child’s happy expression turn to sorrow and disappointment.

Technically, this is really mean so you may want to make sure your child has a good sense of humor or you may be paying for it with crying temper tantrums and perhaps even one of those heavy supplies hitting you in the head…

Christmas pranks done in fun with the right people can make the season joyous, but keep in mind that revenge is a dish best served cold…frosty cold. Beware of the Christmas payback. You might just get more than a laugh this holiday season.

Happy “Prankster” Christmas!

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