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- 10 Nov 2009

From the OSR Blog

Keeping students focused and inspired is essential in their educational progress. The following resources can help teachers build a curriculum in astronomy that is bound to hold the attention of children of all grade levels. Space WebQuests will allow for students to participate in group space based missions. Teachers can promote transformative learning through these on-line activities.

  • Planet WebQuest: Web quest geared for third graders.
  • Solar System Quest: Third graders are tasked withexploring another planet.
  • Blast Off: Students are allowed three weeks to gather information about the solar system.
  • Constellation Quest: A space exploration mission of the six constellations.
  • Out in Space: Students act as researchers of planets by collecting information and conferring this information to the government (teacher).
  • Design a City: High school students are tasked to design a city on Mars to help with the over population of earth.
  • Space WebQuest:A web quest centered on researching the solar system.
  • A Space Exploration: A third grade science web quest centered on exploring a planet assigned by the teacher.
  • Space Tourism: An advertising theme on creating tourism for planets within the solar system.
  • Today in Space: A science questfor 5th through 8thgraders that are tasked withmissions as space cadets.
  • The Spectacular Solar System: Students collect information on the sun or planet of their choice.
  • Solar System WebQuest: Students must rescue fleet probes.
  • Planetary Vacation: Students are instructed to construct vacation packages for specific planets.
  • Colonization Project: The missionfor the class is to help colonize other planets.
  • Solar System: Students are assigned a space topic to gather information on and to form a presentation project with the information.
  • Black Holes: Students are tasked with creating a black hole model.
  • Comets: An interactive quest on the basics of a comet.
  • Exploring the Stars: Students are to put together interesting facts about stars and make their own constellation.
  • Constellations:University of Oregon science web quest iscentered on gaining a deeper knowledge about constellations.
  • Life Cycle of Stars: Web quest for high school students that focuses on 11 tasks on gathering information on stars.
  • Stellar Evolution: A physical science lesson comprised of student groups tasked with examining the evolution of stars.
  • Moon Quest: A moon space web quest for first graders.
  • Other Planets: A mission to understand why earth is the only inhabitable planet.
  • New Planet Discovery: Fifth grade space quest exploration of planets other than earth.
  • ISS Plant Research: A NASA quest for 9th to 12th graders.
  • Build a City: Sixth graders are assigned to prepare a newspaper article about their research on building the first city for humans on another planet.

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