Constelação de Leão: curiosidades, fatos e a história por trás desse signo fantástico

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Sem dúvida alguma, a constelação de Leão é uma das que se mostram mais importantes, assim como a famosa constelação de Orion, sendo uma constelação que dá abrigo para diversas estrelas com alta magnitude. Que tal saber um pouco mais sobre essa constelação?

It is super easy to identify Leo in the sky because of its stars, being one of the oldest constellations to have received a name. Among its stars, you will find the one that many ancient people considered to be the strongest among the stars, Regulus, the Alpha star of the constellation, but we cannot fail to mention others such as Zosma and Denébola.

These three stars are the most important within the constellation Leo, and currently affect the sign Virgo. The figure that the constellation forms is that of a powerful lion, but not just any lion.

The Celestial Lion of the Constellation Leo

The lion is nothing less than the Nemean lion, which is part of Greek mythology, with its death being one of the twelve labors of Hercules. For this reason, this constellation is the personification of the hero himself, a mythological character who also appears in the stories of constellations such as Cancer and Sagittarius.

Lions are generally part of a genus of big cats, which are common like humans and can be found on any continent. The lion family, in fact, is known as “panthera”, and includes several large felines, such as the tiger, the puma, the jaguar and also the leopard.

The main characteristic of this group is the powerful ability to follow with strength and grandeur, something that other large cats are unable to do. Lions, in general, have always been associated with nobility, being a true solar symbol, mainly due to the golden color and the glorious mane that is present in males of the species, sometimes blonde, sometimes black.

The Lion as a historical figure and part of the zodiac

Historically, this is one of the most seen figures on coats of arms and also on monarchical and military standards. Her presence in mythology is seen in the configuration of powerful creatures such as griffins, manticores, chimeras, sphinxes and much more. They are usually represented as the ultimate challenge in cave paintings that are thousands of years old.

Astronomically speaking, the constellation Leo is large, one of the largest. Its stars are bright, and they can all be seen as the strength, courage and leadership present in those born under this sign.

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