How to Write a Love Letter

07 Jan 2017

Valentines Day Letter

Love letters are as old as the written language. The words were often heartfelt and eloquent as lover’s would commit their thoughts and feelings to paper. Today, we’ve seemed to have drifted away from a good ole-fashioned love letter. Our communication has become a series of quick tweets and texts that leave little room for anything deeper than lol, brb or b4u.

Love letter writing is becoming a dying trend, but it doesn’t have to be. As long as we have pens and paper, we can still indulge in the relaxing flow of taking one’s time to really think and feel the words, rather than sending them off in a flurry of clicks and sends. Give your loved one a moment to remember (and re-read) with our tips and tricks to writing successful Valentine love letters.

How to Write a Love Letter

The art and beauty of an old-fashioned love letter

Be Inspired

The reason to write a love letter is to let your significant other know what is really burning in your heart (no do not use last nights lasagna as reference) let your inspiration come from those very emotions you feel. If you need a little help, try looking at a picture or thinking back to the many wonderful times you’ve had together and let your mind work from there. Writing a love letter doesn’t have to sound like William Shakespeare was whispering over your shoulder, it just has to be meaningful and honest.

Let Your Passion Burn

Writing love letters should be all about passion and romance. It is in the essence of these true emotions that your loved-one will feel the most special. Guys especially may think getting too mushy or sappy just isn’t cool or manly, but it is on the contrary that you will find your one true love’s heart bursting with joy and love. After all, by the very meaning of “love letter” you should be presenting your Valentine with those emotions and sincere feelings you have for them. This can include devotion, passion, confidence, vulnerability, joy, happiness and desire.

Tip: Guys if you need some inspiration, don’t be afraid to transfer the love you have for your truck onto paper for that special gal.

Thinking Before Writing

Think about your lover before you write

Don’t Be Afraid of Do-Overs

The old adage of practice makes perfect has never been truer than when it comes to writing a Valentines Day letter. At first, this type of writing may not come naturally or easily to you, but that’s okay. Rome wasn’t build in a day and neither were most of the great romances of that time. Relax, unwind and give yourself permission to drop all those preconceived ideas of love and romance and let your emotions have free-reign. Once you are drunk with love jot down the points or emotions you want to reflect on, then begin writing. If it doesn’t flow perfectly or you find spelling errors, it’s okay to start over. Practicing this form of art is a mind-set, as well as a honed skill.

Tip: Watch a romantic movie or love story to get you in the proper frame-of-mind – just nothing that involves extreme violence or car racing…

Don't be afraid of do-overs

It will always be the underlying thought that counts

KISS It ~ Keep it Simply, Sweetie

We all can’t be born with the writing-prowess of a poet, but that doesn’t mean the thought and attempt won’t be appreciated. Keep your words honest and from the heart (even if it is a little rough) and your Valentine will melt with joy. If you don’t have great penmanship, don’t be afraid to type your words out on the computer. In fact, many writing programs offer a wide variety of beautiful fonts that can add a special touch to your love letter writing. Be sure to KISS it. Few people have the ability to make words sing, so cut yourself some slack and keep it simple, Sweetie. Once you have it just right, print it out on a nice piece of paper, then wait for the right moment to present it to your love.

If you really want to do something special for your Valentine this February 14th, then indulge them in a beautifully written love letter that comes from your heart and soul, not your cell phone. Take up the dying art of letter writing to show your lover that he or she means the word to you…

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