Looking for a romantic gift? Surprise your loved one with a star!

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Looking for a romantic gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife? Name a star! The most personal and original present in the universe.

Giving something to your loved one is often a difficult process. How will you describe your love with a single present? Whether it is a romantic gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife – it is important that the gift suits the occasion. In this blog we share with you the most original and romantic present for your loved on: naming a star. Light up the night sky with your own star and give a gift that lasts forever!

Naming a star as a romantic gift

Are you ready to commemorate your love into the night sky? Name a star as the most original and romantic gift for your loved one. Not only does this gift last forever, like your love, but it will always be among the sky as a reminder of your love.

Naming a star is as romantic as it gets. For the love birds among us we have a special OSR Gift Pack focused on love. The OSR Gift Pack is a great romantic gift to tell your significant other that you love them.

Naming a star is the perfect gift for your romantic date. Make sure you choose the right constellation so your love star is visible at night and turn your date into a romantic stargazing date!

Need help choosing the right constellation? Look at all the 88 constellations you can choose from and sort on ‘best seen’. Make sure to also choose a constellation that is visible from the right latitude. 

Nothing is more romantic than stargazing and finding the star that’s named after you two in the night sky. Locate your romantic star as a surprise on your romantic date. You can use the OSR Star Finder or the included detailed revolving star chart to help you find your star in the night sky!

Personalize your romantic gift

Naming a star is not just a gift, it is a personal romantic gift. When registering a star in the Online Star Register you can choose your own star name, star date, constellation and your own occasion/theme for the registration.

Make the romantic gift personal by choosing a star name of your names together or a new name based on combining both your names. For a star date you can perfectly choose when you had your first date, or when you started officially dating. 

You can also add a personal romantic message to the gift by writing on it yourself or entering the text when registering the star. Want to make the occasion even more magical? Think about framing the star certificate and then presenting it to your loved one on your special date among the stars.

Make the gift more romantic by choosing the love theme and receive the special ‘I love you’ theme paper.

Gaze at your romantic gift together in the night sky

In this blog we share with you the most original and romantic gift: naming a star. Nothing is more romantic than being able to stargaze at your own star in the night sky. Apart from a specific OSR Gift Pack for love, you can also choose to personalize your romantic gift by choosing the starname, star date, constellation and writing a personal romantic message on the text card.

Ready to commemorate your love into the night sky? Gift the most romantic gift by naming a star!

Name a star as a romantic gift!