Find the perfect Valentine gift for 2021

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Looking for Valentine gift ideas for upcoming Valentine’s Day? In this blog we show you the best Valentine gift: a star! We are all under the same stars: what is more romantic than giving your loved one a shining light which will always guide their way?

As the years go on, it gets increasingly difficult to find that perfect Valentine gift that is both romantic and original. Are you unable to see your loved one because of the lockdown? Send them a shining light by naming a star. Show your loved ones how much you miss them.

The most romantic Valentine gift: naming a star

Surprise your Valentine this year with the most romantic and magical gift by naming a star as a tribute to your love. Naming a star is a romantic gesture towards your lover which will always shine bright in the night sky, wherever you are. Personalize your Valentine gift when registering a star by choosing the desired constellation, star name, star date, and writing a personal message.

You can start personalizing your star by firstly choosing the desired constellation. You can do so by choosing the best visible constellation on Valentine’s day. Depending on where you, or your loved one, lives the visibility of the constellations may differ. Additionally, you may decide to choose your Valentine’s Zodiac sign as the constellation!

Get creative by choosing a romantic and personal star name. For instance, you may want to memorize your relationship together in the night sky by choosing a star name of both your names. However, if you really want to put your loved one in the spotlight you may also decide his/her name as the star name. The sky’s the limit!

After having chosen a constellation and a star name, you select your star date. For example, choose the first day you met your Valentine. Or pick a date that means a lot to you both. Additionally, you can also choose the star date ‘14-02-2021’, since it is the occasion for which you named a star!

In the final step of personalizing your Valentine gift, write a loving message on the text card. Make it romantic and write a poem! Looking for suggestions? Read our blog about Valentine’s Day Poems. You can also leave the text card empty to include a handwritten message on the card once it arrives at your front door. The choice is entirely yours!

A physical or online Valentine gift? Why not both!

When registering your star gift you can choose our OSR Gift Pack or our Online Star Gift! Once you’ve decided which gift option you’d like to give your Valentine, you can make the gift even more romantic. For instance, choose to handwrite your message, plan a romantic stargazing date (digitally) or deliver the gift pack in person!

Discover the gift items in the OSR Gift Pack – our most popular gift!

The Star Certificate is printed on luxury paper and features the star coordinates, the star name and the star date.

This sheet explains how you can use all features of your star gift using the unique OSR Code.

The star which is on the explanation sheet is a also sticker which glows in the dark.

The star which is on the explanation sheet is a also sticker which glows in the dark.

In the order form you can add a personal message for the recipient, which will be printed on this card.

This detailed revolving star chart will help you to locate your star in the night sky.

The official letter from OSR, confirming the registration of the star in the Online Star Register.

For each occasion, there's a special gift wrapping. For example: general, birthday, love, Christmas, a birth or a wedding.

The elegant gift pack fits inside any mailbox so you won't have to stay home in order to receive it.

Each named star is visualized in the unique 3D browser app One Million Stars.

Find your star easily with the mobile Star Finder app!

On the special Star Page you can add messages, pictures and a video. It even has a guestbook you can ask friends and family to sign!

Decided to surprise your lover with the OSR Gift Pack? The OSR Gift Pack can be delivered to your Valentine’s home address. This is perfect for if the lockdown is keeping you lovebirds apart. If you’re lucky and your Valentine lives nearby you, you can also decide to make the Valentine gift more romantic! You can frame your star certificate or plan a romantic date if the corona measurements allow so! 

Limited by the corona measures in your country? No worries! You can still view your star together in the night sky by using the OSR Star Finder app. Even when apart, we’re all under the same stars!

Decided to surprise your lover with the Online Star Gift? The Online Star Gift is perfect for when you’re not able to see your Valentine in person this Valentine’s Day. It is a fully digital Valentine gift that can easily be sent to your loved one via email, even last-minute! Leave a personal message on the text card to surprise your Valentine by naming a star. 

For a magical Valentine’s day!

Cheer up your loved one during these difficult times and make Valentine’s day magical! Go out stargazing (digitally or physically) and look up at the stars. Capture your love for each other forever by writing it in the stars. Personalize your Valentine gift and choose your own constellation, star name, star date and write a personal message! What are you waiting for?

Gift a star this Valentine’s day!