Free Audio Story: the tale of Cassiopeia (Mother’s Day Special)

23 Apr 2021


When looking up at the sky during the night, you know you’re not alone. We’re not just surrounded by stars and constellations, but by myths and stories as well. Let us tell you the story of mother Cassiopeia. Read all about our audio story in this blog!

For Mother’s Day 2021 we want to share a special story with you! On the topic of Mothers, we would like to tell you the story about Cassiopeia. She is not merely a constellation in the night sky, but also an important mother figure in Greek Mythology!

To convey the story in the most magical way, we have created a free audio story especially for Mother’s Day 2021!

Our Mother’s Day 2021 audio story combines speech and music into a compelling story to captivate you! Listen for free on Spotify. 

Free audio story

In this Mother’s Day audio story we tell you the story of Cassiopeia! Join us in the journey through the night sky and discover its main characters. Be surprised by the twists and turns of the story as they take you from the kingdom of Ethiopia to the wild waters of the ocean. 

Each story has its hero and villains, as does this story. Curious to see how the story unfolds? Find out and listen for free on Spotify! The audio story is approximately 8 minutes long. Be amazed at the story and share it with your mother!

Listening to an audio story is perfect while stargazing at the same time! So gather your mother figure, or maybe your whole family. Are you unable to be with them in current times? We’re all under the same stars, so even  if you’re far apart you can always look at the same night sky. 

The story of Cassiopeia

We have created this audio story exclusively for Mother’s Day 2021. Cassiopeia is the most notorious mother figure between the constellations! Our story revolves around Cassiopeia and her husband, daughter and many other characters of which the constellation can easily be located in the night sky! 

Want to view the constellations while listening to the audio story? Use the OSR Star Finder App to locate Cassiopeia and other characters in the night sky.

Cassiopeia’s audio story is both suitable for children and adults! Come together as a family and listen to one of the most famous stories of the night sky! Find out all you need to know about the constellation Cassiopeia and how she has ended up as one of our 88 constellations.

Enjoy our Mother’s Day Special!

Gather around and come together under the stars. But even when far apart, remember that we are all under the same stars. We’re surrounded by stars and constellations; myths and stories that can bring together the most distant families. Create a bonding experience by listening to the story of Cassiopeia and admiring the constellations in the night sky.

Listen to the audio story on Spotify!