How much does a liter of water cost?

Our sacred water. More than three fifths of our body is made up of water. Chemists describe it as H2O, two hydrogen atoms joined with one oxygen atom. But? Not all water is the same though.

There are living waters and non-living waters, pure and impure. Did you know that when water passes through the turbine blades of hydropower plants, it becomes destroyed?

Our new world encourages the construction of small hydropower plants, while the percentage of electricity thus obtained is negligible compared to the power system as a whole, and the damage to the ecosystem is disproportionately large.

Did you know that one drop of engine oil pollutes a million drops of natural spring water? But let’s go back to how much a liter of water costs.

The “water” bills of our households are more or less uniform. There is no great difference in the habits and number of household members and the location of living. More than a few cubic meters of clean water that we use at home (each cubic meter is a thousand liters of water!) ultimately cost less than buying a liter of water in PVC packaging every day at the store!

Water suitable for drinking is a resource for which, unfortunately, vicious military-geopolitical games will be played in the foreseeable future, or some games have already been played. Remember that when you read how somebody semi-gifted a strategically important natural resource to an “investor” for a trifle!

Well, a liter of water in stores is sold at a price of 1 EUR, sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on the label and inscription. In any case, we did not make a big mistake with this generalization.

All the water on planet Earth is found in the seas, under the land surface, on land – in rivers and lakes, and in the atmosphere, mostly in the clouds, and all together form an endless circular cycle. And that’s it, above one thousand two meters above sea level, there is actually no water.

Astronauts in Earth orbit have no natural source of water. In space stations, even the smallest amount of water is valued like gold. Everything that is technically possible is recycled to the last drop. The water has to be brought there from the Earth, and that is neither simple nor easy.

A single liter of water in spaceships or stations orbiting the Earth costs 10,000 EUR – 15,000 EUR, depending on the rocket used to transport it!

If we go further from the Earth, for example on a trip AROUND the Moon, a liter of water in such a spaceship will cost 50,000 EUR and upwards. If you drink a liter of water on the moon, that satisfaction will cost the taxpayer, expressed in current currency, over 100,000 EUR!

Water is the fundamental determinant of the entire life as we know it, let’s save water, it doesn’t exist indefinitely, water resources are limited!

Every day we should consume 2-5 liters of water, depending on the constitution of the body, the efforts and the environment to which we are exposed, the season.

On the Moon, it would cost 200,000 EUR – 500,000 EUR. Yes, water is wealth!

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Glogovac Nevena-Nancy is a geodesy & geoinformatics engineer by trade and a wordsmith at heart. By holding onto fate’s rocky learning curve and her natural flair for the extraordinary, the worlds of science and creativity melted and unified into a singular path. Moreover, having been born on the same soil as the geniuses Nikola Tesla, Mihajlo Pupin and Milutin Milankovic provided an educational basis for Nevena to continue the voyages they had begun. Led simply by the curious need to discover more. A small but meaningful contribution to this personal endeavor has been joining forces with the visionary OSR team, where astrology and astronomy go back to their common roots, so 'If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.'