O melhor presente que você pode encontrar para o Dia das mães em 2018

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Depois de muitos anos dando presentes para nossas queridas no Dia das mães a criatividade fica um pouco limitada, não é mesmo? É caneca, chinelo, roupa, sapato, toalha de banho, perfume… são diversos presentes personalizados, mas nenhum com um forte apelo emocional realmente.

That’s why we created the most special and creative gift of all: a star registered with a name, linked to an occasion and a constellation. With this gift, your mother on Mother’s Day can have a personalized page for her star and with her own certificate, in addition to being able to see it in 3D whenever she wants via our website or app.

When you open your personal star page, a great emotion will take over your heart and your eyes will shine like the star itself, because the feeling of being able to name a star and being able to observe it at any time is something extremely unique and extraordinary.

The importance of giving someone a gift

Giving gifts has been a custom for years and years, and this is something that has been happening since before Christ. Not surprisingly, this gesture has already become an object of study on human behavior, on which several psychologists, anthropologists, economists and even experts in the field of marketing have focused.

We ended up discovering that giving gifts is actually a very complex and important task when it comes to structuring human relationships, helping to define each relationship and also strengthening ties with friends and family.

Several psychologists claim that it is actually the person who gives the gift and not the person who receives the gift who ends up enjoying the greatest benefits that are linked to this act. The social value of the gift has been recognized in human history since its beginning.

American Indians engaged in potlach, which is nothing more than a complex ceremony that celebrates the act of giving oneself to the extreme. For them, the family’s status was not defined by possessions, but rather by who gave the most gifts. In other words, the larger the potlach, the greater the prestige of the family giving the gifts.

For those who are giving gifts, the act becomes extremely important, as giving a gift is a way of demonstrating your love and affection for the other person. And you will feel good doing it, much more than the recipient will feel about the surprise.

Giving a gift is always a good choice, and the more special the gift is, the better the feelings for both parties involved in the process. Having said that, we can say that there is no simpler tribute made by a child than receiving a star with their own name, eternally engraved in the sky.

The eternity of a star

Depending on its mass, a star can live thousands or billions of years. A red dwarf, for example, even with little mass can live for around 10 trillion years.

With their mystery, stars have enchanted humanity since the beginning of time. However, they always seemed very distant and unreachable. Until man invented equipment to enlarge his images and be able to get closer and closer to the beautiful glow that stands out across the sky and illuminates the nights with the moonlight.

Contemplating the starry sky has always been one of the most pleasant things to do while leaning out the window of your home or lying on the grass in a park at night. It makes us reflect and think about how perfect and enlightened the world can be.

Today, thanks to technology, it is now possible to even give a name to a star and be able to follow it closely for the rest of your life, observing it and taking advantage of its grace to inspire and motivate yourself every day. raisin.

Therefore, giving a star as a gift to the most important woman in your life is guaranteed to forever remember this special date, Mother’s Day.

How to give a star as a Mother’s Day gift

First, you access our purchase page, fill in your details, choose the name of the star, as well as the constellation to which it belongs and the date of the occasion. Then you make the payment.

As soon as the payment is approved, you will receive in your email (or the email of the person who will receive the gift) a login to access the account, which contains all materials related to the star.

If you opt for a physical gift, it can be sent to the address of the person who will receive it, an equally fantastic option for those who want to surprise someone on Mother’s Day.

Mothers Day

By Christiane Northrup, M.D.

By Christiane Northrup, MD

What is included in the gift package

In the digital gift package comes a personalized star certificate, a personalized letter, an OSR code explanation sheet and a personalized message that you can send to your mother. She will be able to view her 3D star through her star page or even on her cell phone, using our app.

If you choose to buy the package by mail, in addition to all the advantages listed above, your mother will receive a card with a personal message, beautiful gift packaging, a glow-in-the-dark sticker and a detailed, rotating star map.

Without a doubt, this is the best gift in the world, as it carries a lot of meaning. Your mother will be able to keep it forever and you will make her Mother’s Day much happier! We’re sure she’s never received something this original before and will be completely thrilled to be able to acquire a star for herself.

Do you want to show your affection and all your love for the person who did and does everything to make you smile, in addition to moving them and making this year’s Mother’s Day unforgettable? So be sure to access the following link and guarantee the best gift in the world for the most special woman in your life this Mother’s Day:

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