Losing Weight During the Holidays

Weight Loss After Christmas

Along with all the stress that comes with the holiday planning, family, shopping and dozens of other details that have to be executed to perfection, is the fact that Christmas tis the season to get porky…fa la la la la la la la blah.

This season is loaded with tasty treats everywhere you go. From bird to baking, Christmas is not the time we want to be over-indulging. We have worked too hard to get our bodies toned (or at least) semi-in-shape, so these fatty days ahead must be concurred.

Christmas Weight Gain

One small nibble: heaven on your lips, hell on your hips

So how can we do it?

Try taking the skin off the turkey before you indulge in this otherwise lean meat. If you love potatoes, then try baking them or cutting them up into smaller sections and spraying with some olive oil. Also load up your plate with mostly veggies (spiced with garlic and onions) and leave the carbs like stuffing, rolls, rice or pasta for the others. If you feel the need for sweets, then try fresh fruit, low fat yogurt or frozen gelato.

Christmas Weight Loss

All I want for Christmas is to get out of this position

All I want for Christmas is to get out of this position

Do Not Stop Exercising

With all the craziness Christmas brings it is easy to justify not exercising. However, what better opportunity is there to get a workout in? Christmas is the time when we are running around, shopping, gathering and preparing baking and other foodstuffs, so why not utilize the busyness to our advantage?

If you have little ones put them in the stroller and jog them through the mall. It’s Christmas so people expect you to be rushing. Sure the mall is packed full of shoppers and gawkers, it may not be easy to get a full stride going, so you will have to improvise some; just mess up your hair and hold out the flyers while you rush past people shouting; “sale, sales, I got to get to the sales… If you’re really brave leave your fuzzy pajama bottoms on. People will automatically move aside when a sales-crazed woman who forgot to get dressed sails past them. Plus, it’s comfortable, your kids will have a blast and you may even save some money.

Count Your Calories

Yes, being aware of everything that goes into your mouth and being accountable for it will help show you where those extra calories are lurking. Be vigilant in writing down everything you eat and the caloric points in each item. You will be surprised at how much you may nibble while baking your mom’s famous Christmas cookies or lick the beaters before, after and during the preparation of the frosting. These little tidbits all add up spelling Christmas weight gain. If you have to sample the raw dough then keep it to a small taste. Be satisfied with only a thimble full not the entire scoop you use for the perfect-sized cookie. And no, dipping a carrot stick into the cookie dough or frosting will not cancel out the fat grams. Unless…

Christmas Citrus Decoration

Tired of citrus? Add them to your Christmas decorations

Tired of citrus? Add them to your Christmas decorations

Magic Foods that Promote Weight Loss

Yes! The food-geniuses have finally heard the collective cries of women everywhere and have found food that actually helps us to lose weight.

The first super food is flaxseed meal. This grain is loaded with good fats and fibre. Plus, studies show that since it turns gel-like when water hits it, the body takes longer to absorb it. This gives your body the chance to use it for energy rather than storing the carb as fat. Perfect when you are feeling tempted to sample the baking. Just add a little water to some flax meal make it into a pasty ball and enjoy.

Another wonder food is the red pepper. These can be cut up and prepared ahead of time to help stave your hunger. Plus, It has vitamin C, fibre and a little thing called, capsaicin. This wonder chemical turns on the fat burning modules of your body. So forget about dipping the carrot into the frosting or cookie dough, use a red pepper slice instead.

Christmas Pray

Relax and breathe in the Christmas joy

Relax and breathe in the Christmas joy

Weight Loss After Christmas

If you did your best during the holidays and still managed to pack on a few pounds, don’t despair there are ways to lose weight after Christmas.

First thing to do is get excited about dropping the pounds. Sure the weather is cooler or downright cold, but this works to your advantage. Use this time to bundle up. Add layers and layers of clothes until you are crazy hot, then just sweat those pounds off. This works well, plus you will be covering up the bulge while you slim down.

Another way is to look around for a fabulous outfit that is clearing out for half price – the more body snugging and revealing the better. Once you have this gorgeous frock in your hand (pre-holiday weight size) go into the store’s dressing room and get naked. The shock of standing full-length-in-the-flesh in an unflattering light and a cube full of mirrors is sure to kick start your mind into the weight loss mode.

If this doesn’t work, the grunting, groaning, cursing and crying that will inevitably happen when you try to struggle into (and back out of) your too small outfit and the shock of all the new bulges and ripples that will be revealed, is sure to put you on the straight and narrow road back to diet hell.

But don’t stop there. For some added insurance use your cell phone to take your picture in this offender, then be sure to purchase the outfit. When you get home hang your new outfit where you can see it. Then stick the picture you took on the front of the refrigerator.

If this ghastly reminder doesn’t stop those late night cookie dough binges, then there’s only one thing left to do… stock up on sweaters and pray for snow.

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