Virgo Traits: Explore Fun Activities, Best Zodiac Match & Motto

17 Aug 2022

Are you born between August 23 and September 22? Then your zodiac sign is Virgo! Your motto is: “Work hard and be nice to people”. Are you curious what this says about you and want to discover more Virgo traits? We would love to tell you more in this blog!

Character traits

Observant, reliable, precise and helpful are the characteristics that describe a Virgo best.


A Virgo is observant, which means you’re well aware of your surroundings and always on guard. When you’re on the road, you usually see things anyone else might miss.This enables you to prevent dangerous traffic situations.


If you’re a Virgo, people tend to view you as a reliable person. When someone tells you anything personal, whether it’s a friend or a total stranger, you treat them with compassion. When people trust you with their secret, you’ll make sure to keep it. When making promises you always find a way to make good on them, even if it’s hard for you to do.


A Virgo is very precise, which shows in the work you deliver. Whenever you receive an assignment, you’ll execute it as precisely as possible and will not deliver until it meets your high criteria. The downside to this is you undervalue yourself regularly, while you should be more content with the end result. It does however enable you to read through this blog to know all about Virgo traits.


Naturally helpful, is what people say when describing a Virgo. You’ll always be there for a friend in need. When they need life advice, or a shoulder to cry on, you’ll be at the ready. Your helpfulness knows no bounds, even when out and about. When you’re at the supermarket and you spot an elderly lady in need of assistance, you’ll come rushing to her aid.

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Fun activities

People with the zodiac sign Virgo love to solve crossword puzzles. You love to use your brain while playing games, which makes you very enthusiastic. Everything that has to do with art is exciting to you. That’s why you’d live to go to museums and exhibitions where you are able to admire different types of art.

Best match

Virgos best match is a person with the zodiac sign Scorpio. You see eye to eye on a lot of things in life, which make you the perfect companions. Mutual understanding is the basis of your relationship that ensures a future together is written in the stars for you.


The motto of a Virgo is: “Work hard and be nice to people.” For you, this means you’ll put in the hard work to achieve your goals. Being kind to people is important to you. Treating any other the same way you’d like to be treated yourself, is a principle you live by.

Virgos are precise and observant people, who are very helpful towards others and are widely considered to be utmost reliable. You love to play games and immerse yourself in the arts. Your best match you’ll find in someone with the zodiac sign Scorpio.

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