Enlighten yourself with the FREE OSR Constellation Factsheet

03 Sep 2019

OSR Constellation Factsheet

The Online Star Register offers a FREE constellation factsheet with the purchase of the OSR Gift Pack and Online Star Gift. This sheet is available for download and has all the information you need to know about the constellation your star is named in. Impress the recipient with your extensive knowledge about their chosen constellation!

Our promise to you is when we come up with new information about your star, we will add it to your star registration for FREE. Available for all 88 constellations, a digital OSR Constellation Factsheet is created when you name a star in the Online Star Register. The factsheet comes with personalized information about your specific constellation. Now all new and existing customers have access to this beautifully designed item.

How to access the constellation sheet?

Use the following steps to collect the sheet:

  • Log into your account on osr.org. The sheet is available for download to customers who named a star in the Online Star Register.
  • Go to documents for download to find the constellation fact sheet.
  • Download the sheet to view. The sheet is suitable for printing if you would like to add it to your gift.
  • Send the PDF to the recipient by email. The customer holding the account has the option of emailing the digital document to the recipient of the gift.

What can you find on the sheet?

The constellation sheet comes with:

  • A background story with key information about astronomical and astrological components.
  • A summary of remarkable stars in the constellation. Including the official star names in Latin.
  • Your very own star registration. The factsheet is personalized with the star name and registration code, so it always shows your unique information.
  • Dazzling graphic design created by OSR to visualize the symbolism of the constellation.
  • A map of the constellation. This not only shows the constellation, but also numerous celestial bodies in and around the constellation! Is also shows the declination and right ascension so you can find where the constellation is visible in the night sky.

Vital constellation information on just one sheet!

The FREE OSR Constellation Factsheet is available for download in your customer account. Next to the awesome visualization tools already available, the constellation factsheet summarizes the most important information on one clear sheet.

Learn more about your star and the constellation that it is in. Use it to provide yourself and the recipient with extra information and make the most of your gift!

Haven’t named a star yet? Pick one of the 88 constellations to name a star in, and find out what more we have in store for you.

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