Need a christening gift? Name a star!

christening gift

Whether for your child, grandchild, godchild or for an adult: are you looking for an original christening gift? Give a star! A star is an original and personal christening gift.

Original christening gift

Are you as a godmother or godfather looking for a christening gift? Give a star as a gift! A christening gift star is a great way to celebrate this spiritual occasion. Whether the baptism is for a child, grandchild, godchild or an adult: anyone who has made the choice to become a follower of Jesus should show this to the people around them. A sparkling way to celebrate the baptism of a child or adults is to name a star. A star is an original and personal christening gift and the registration of a star in the Online Star Register is also everlasting!

No worries about tomorrow: the star will always be accessible, even while the child is growing up. In addition, you can find the star in the sky at any time with our OSR Star Finder App. When you choose the OSR Gift Pack you will receive beautiful documents with a star certificate. The star certificate is wonderful to frame and provides a tangible memory for the whole family of this extraordinarily beautiful event.

Personalize your christening gift!

With the OSR christening gift you will receive a personalized star certificate, a personalized letter, an OSR code explanation sheet with a glow-in-the-dark sticker, a rotating star chart and finally a personal message card. Moreover, you can make the OSR Gift Package as personal as you want. You can personalize the star name, but also the text for the message card, the date of the star (for example the day of the baptism), and of course you have the choice of the constellation where the star can be found! You can choose from 88 constellations, including the 12 Zodiacs. Plenty of ways to add your own personal twist to the christening gift!

We have a separate christening boy and christening girl gift!

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christening gift girl

What the baptismal gift has meant to others

Looking for an original christening gift? You’re not the only one! Because baptisms are such a unique occasion, the gift must of course also be special. Others have already preceded you and have chosen the OSR Gift Pack in their search for a special christening gift. See their reviews and what the christening gift means to them:

“Thank you! A baby christening or baptism is the first step for the young child into their spiritual journey and is always remembered by the family. This is the reason I wanted to give the most memorable baby boy baptism gift to my brother’s son. David. When I turned to your website for seeking that elusive yet perfect christening gifts for boys, I made up my mind that instant itself. My gift arrived promptly and the beautiful personalized packaging was a surprise as well. Thanks again OSR!”

“Dear Online Star Register, thank you very much for registering my baptismal star. My wife was thrilled with the wonderful christening gift for our beloved baby daughter. It made the special event even more special. We will certainly recommend this gift to all our friends and family members. Greetings from the Tigg family. ”

“I ordered a star for friends, a super christening gift for their boy of course. At the end of the ceremony, I handed over the package and they were deeply moved. I wrote a personal poem on the card, which of course made it even more special. Very beautifully & stylishly packaged, thanks OSR!”

The perfect christening gift

Baptism is a wonderful occasion in which the spiritual journey of the child or adult starts. This event is extremely beautiful and often special for the whole family. Make this occasion even more special by giving a star as a gift. A star as a gift is unique and personal and will last forever. So, do you want to make the day of the baptism ceremony even brighter? Give a star as a christening gift!

Give a star as a christening gift for a girl!

Give a star as a christening gift for a boy!