Moon Phases 2022: The OSR Moon Calendar

05 Jan 2022

Maanfasen Kalender 2022

Have you ever wondered when the next Full Moon will be? How about the First Quarter Moon? Now you can have all the dates and times for all the moon phases in the year at your fingertips with the Moon Phases 2022 calendar. Download and print the free OSR Moon Calendar now!

Moon Phases 2022

The Moon takes about 29,5 days to orbit the Earth, we call this a moon cycle. Each phase in this cycle appears at slightly different times at different locations on Earth. Two well-known moon phases are New Moon and Full Moon. Other moon phases are for example; First Quarter, Last Quarter and Waning Moon. Following the moon’s cycle can help you to make choices and achieve goals. The energy of the Moon has a major influencer on us. With a Moon Calendar, you can easily see an overview of all phases of the Moon per day, based on the moon cycle. This calendar can help you to live with the rhythm of the Moon.

The OSR Moon Calendar

Make the most of 2022, using the moon cycle! Download the free OSR Moon Calendar to enjoy an overview of the Moon Phases 2022. The OSR Moon Calendar shows the daily position of the moon, displayed per month. Print the calendar on A3 and display the OSR Moon Calendar on your wall. Enjoy the Moon any time of the day!

Download the free OSR Moon Calendar now!

Moon Calendar

Locate the Moon

Look up at the night sky to locate the Moon and see its current phase. Use the Moon Calendar to feel even more connected with the rhythm of the Moon. If you follow the cycle of the Moon, you’ll find a connection to your natural rhythm.

Enjoy an overview of the Moon Phases 2022 with the OSR Moon Calendar. Now you never have to wonder what phase the Moon is in. Just have a look at the moon calendar. Did you know that you can find the Moon using our OSR Star Finder app in broad daylight?

Discover the Moon and her stars!