Live with the rhythm of the Moon

Live with the rhythm of the Moon

Did you know that the Moon has a lot of influence on the Earth and her nature? Therefore, it isn’t unlikely that the Moon will also have an effect on our body and our emotions. Live with the rhythm of the Moon! This can help you to make choices, goals and to create more balance in your life.

Due to our busy lives, we quickly lose connection with our natural rhythm. We wake up with an alarm clock in the morning, have cravings for unhealthy snacks or go detox with so-called “healthy juices”. But there’s something even more natural that can help you find your true self again, the Moon! The whole lunar cycle lasts about 28 days, so try living in the rhythm of the Moon for a month. We will go through the different phases of the Moon and give an example each time.

New Moon

The starting point of the new lunar cycle. The Moon is now between the Earth and the Sun, so it isn’t illuminated. Think of this phase as a clean slate. During this period, pay attention to new dreams, ideas or wishes that you want to get started with this month. Meditate and make a plan for the upcoming month.

Young Crescent Moon

After the New Moon, the Moon gains more power and light. During this period you can focus on growing and working on your dreams, ideas and wishes. Everything that builds and strengthens your body works twice as well during this time.

First Quarter Moon

During the First Quarter Moon, the Moon is half lit. It may feel like you’re being stalled around this time. Try not to get distracted by this. Remember that bumps are part of the road to success!

Waxing Moon

The Moon is now beyond Earth and is three-quarters visible. The pressure between the Moon and the Sun can be felt. Try to stay on course and don’t give up. Don’t let your fear ruin your plans. Take some moments for yourself with the help of mindfulness. This way you experience less stress and you can work more effectively.

Live with the rhythm of the Moon

Full Moon

This is the culmination of the cycle. During the Full Moon, the Moon is completely illuminated by the Sun. The Moon is now directly opposite the Sun and the Earth is in the middle. This is a good time to love and accept yourself. During a Full Moon you may have difficulty with falling asleep at night and the Moon can affect your dreams. Despite this, many people now feel energetic and creative. It’s time to shine!

Waning Moon

After the Full Moon, the moonlight decreases again. The Moon returns to the Sun and is now halfway to the Earth. For you, this period is all about finalizing the home stretch. With the help of a to-do list you can complete tasks and reach deadlines.

Third Quarter Moon

During the Third Quarter Moon, the other side of the Moon is half lit. You can use this period to make decisions. You can also reflect on your personal growth during this phase. Try to resist the old patterns.

Dark Moon

During the Dark Moon, the lunar energy is at its weakest. The Moon has almost returned back to the Sun, ready to start the new cycle. This can make you feel burdened. It is wise to take it easy during this period and give yourself some time to relax. Use this time to tidy things up. Get ready for the New Moon that is coming!

You have read about the phases and rhythm of the Moon. Now you know how to live with the rhythm of the Moon. If you live like this for a month, it can be a lot easier to make choices or to achieve goals. Look up at the Moon and walk in the Moon’s footsteps!

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