Leo Traits: Explore Fun Activities, Best Zodiac Match & Motto

13 Jul 2022

When you are born between July 23 and August 22, your zodiac sign is Leo! Leos are able to achieve anything they want. Are you curious what this says about you? Are you ready to discover all Leo traits? Then read on!

Character traits

Dramatic and creative are character traits which best describes someone with the zodiac sign Leo. They are also natural born leaders that are able to achieve anything they put their mind to.


A Leo can be accused of being dramatic, because they love to be the center of attention. When you’re around friends, you’ll be the most talkative one there. You’re always finding yourself in ridiculous situations, drawing attention to you. People, mostly your friends, love to be around you because you always make them smile.


Leo’s are known to be creative people. You’re able to create something new using your big imagination. Especially in your house. Every month you’ll redecorate your living space to be completely different than before. Most of the furniture and accessories you’ll make yourself, which makes your home very unique.

 Able to achieve their goals

 You know exactly what you want in life and are able to achieve all your goals. Until you’ve reached your goal, quitting is not an option. When you want to know about all Leo traits, you’ll keep on reading this blog until you’ve read up on everything you need to know about this zodiac sign.

Fun activities

People with the zodiac sign Leo love to sing karaoke with friends, because this means all eyes are on you. Grab a drink and sing like you’re a superstar! You’ll never pass up an opportunity to party. When your friends are looking for you in the club, they’ll always find you on the dance floor.

Best match

Your perfect match is zodiac sign Leo or Aquarius. Leo´s understand each other, as they both have a love for being in the center of attention. This might cause conflict as you are constantly competing for each other’s attention. Leo and Aquarius are a great match, because they completely differ from each other. Someone with the zodiac sign Aquarius prefers to be on the sidelines, which ensures that you complement each other perfectly.


The motto of a Leo is “I deserve the world, so I give it to myself.” You´re a strong person that knows exactly what you want to achieve in life. A Leo strives to face the fears that hold them back and to not depend on others for the completion of their goals.

Leo´s are dramatic, people full of energy who are able to achieve their goals. You love to be the center of attention and radiate like a beacon of energy. The perfect match for you is Leo or Aquarius.

By reading this blog, you now know everything about the most prominent Leo traits. Looking for new ways to explore how this constellation shines in the night sky? Download the free OSR Star Finder App and learn more about your zodiac sign with OSR!

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