Baby names from the stars – part 2

18 Sep 2019

babynamen afgeleid uit het universum

In part 2 of our baby name overview, we’re going to look at baby names derived from the universe. Are you still not sure on what to name your baby? For heavenly inspiration, read our suggestions for baby names derived from the sun, moon, planets and other phenomena taking place in the universe.

This overview consists of four different categories, each with 10 names for a boy or girl. The last two categories of baby names from the stars are names derived from the sun, moon, planets and names based on phenomena taking place in the universe. See part 1 for the first 40 names.

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Baby names derived from the sun, moon and planets

Just like the earth revolves around the sun, the first hours after birth revolve around you and your baby. The following baby names from the stars are inspired by different moons and planets from our own solar system.


  1. Ophelia – Ophelia is the name of a small moon orbiting Uranus. This moon is named after a character from William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. In Greek this name means “helpful” or “wise”. This name would be fitting for a thoughtful girl.
  2. Tania – This name is based on Titania, the name of the largest moons orbiting Uranus. Titania is a Slavic name by origin. This name was inspired by the queen of fairies in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Tania is a lovely name for a little princess.
  3. Portia – The largest moon of Uranus bears the name Portia. The moon is named after the heroine from Shakespeare’s play The Merchant of Venice. Would you like your child to be somewhat of a hero? Then this is the perfect name for her!
  4. Phoebe – Phoebe is a moon orbiting Saturn meaning “shining, radiant and prophetic.” Phoebe is also the goddess of the moon and appears as a goddess in many myths and legends. A divine name, perfect for a first born.
  5. Miranda – Miranda is the name of one of the five most important moons of Uranus. Scientists named the moon Miranda after the lead female role in William Shakespeare’s The Tempest play. The name Miranda originates from the Latin word Mirandus, which means “marvelous”. Your little miracle deserves a name like this!
  6. Bianca – Bianca is the name of a small moon orbiting Uranus. It is named after one of the fascinating characters from William Shakespeare’s play Taming of the Shrew. Bianca is Italian for “white” and is known for being honest. If you’d like to endow your baby with this quality, think of the name Bianca.
  7. Elara – Elara is the thirteenth moon orbiting Jupiter. This name originates in Greek mythology and represents one of Zeus’ love interests. Elara is a special name that you do not encounter much. If you want a unique name, then this is one to consider.
  8. Cordelia – Cordelia is the name of a Uranus inner moon. The moon is named after Queen Cordelia, the youngest daughter of King Lear from Shakespeare’s eponymous play. This name originates from old English, meaning “daughter of the sea.” A nice name for an honest and loyal daughter.
  9. Helene – Helene is a natural moon orbiting Saturn and is named after the daughter of the God Zeus and the mortal Leda. If this name is not completely to your liking, you can also shorten it to Leni or Nelly.
  10. Rhea – Rhea is the second largest moon orbiting Saturn and is named after the mother of the gods in Greek mythology. This name also means “flowing” or “current”. Rhea is a fitting name for a strong and nurturing baby girl.


  1. Helios – Helios is the Greek name for “sun”. In Greek mythology this name is associated with the god of the sun. With such a name your child will always be the sunshine in your home.
  2. Saros – The name Saros comes from the term ‘Saros cycle’, a period in which eclipses seem to repeat themselves. This cycle also describes a recurrence between the solar and lunar eclipses. A reliable name for a baby boy that has great timing.
  3. Jupiter – Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun and the largest planet in our solar system. This name refers to the supreme god within Roman mythology. With a name like this, everyone immediately knows where it’s from!
  4. Mercury – Mercury is the planet closest to the sun. The planet is named after the Roman god of trade and profit. He is also known as the messenger Hermes in Greek mythology. A charming name for a smart boy.
  5. Pluto – Pluto is a dwarf planet and the last one in our solar system. Within the Roman religion, Pluto symbolizes the god of the underworld. The dog Pluto from the Disney cartoons is also named after this planet. Pluto has a rich history that you can pass on to your child.
  6. Janus – Janus is a moon orbiting Saturn. Its name is based on the Roman god with two faces that simultaneously look forward and back. Janus is the god of the beginning and the end, the future and the past. This is a fitting name for a boy with a balanced character.
  7. Mars – The planet Mars honors the war god in Roman mythology. There are many films, books and comics that assign a special significance to the red planet. It’s a bold move to give your son a name like this. Would you be adventurous enough to give your son this name?
  8. Jericho – Jericho is translated from Arabic meaning “city of the moon.” It is a name with a beautiful meaning. The nicknames Jerry or Rico make it a cool name for baby boys.
  9. Neptune – Neptune is one of the two planets that can’t be seen from the earth with the naked eye. The name of this planet is based on the Roman god of water Neptune. Does your child have blue eyes like the sea? Then this name definitely suits him!
  10. Oberon – Oberon is a moon orbiting Saturn. This moon is named after the fairy king from Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This name has different meanings including “noble” and “power”. A powerful name with a stately background would tie in nicely to a charismatic personality.

babynamen afgeleid uit het universum - baby namens from the stars

Baby names derived from the universe

The universe contains more than just stars and planets. The following baby names from the stars are based on phenomena and events stemming from the universe that you may not have thought of.


  1. Halley – This name comes from Halley’s comet, one of the best known and brightest periodic comets. The comet is named after Edmond Halley, who first noticed that comets appeared in a specific pattern. A spontaneous name for a spontaneous girl.
  2. Nova – The name Nova is translated from Latin as an abbreviation for Stella Nova which means “new star”. A new star is called so because it suddenly shines much brighter and only returns to its former brightness after months or years. Does your first born daughter enlighten your life? Then this is the name for her.
  3. Luna – The name Luna is Latin for “moon”. In Roman mythology Luna represents the goddess of the moon. A beautiful name for a baby born under the light of the moon.
  4. Stella – Stella is Latin for star. This name has increasingly grown more popular in recent years, as naming your child after the stars has gained popularity.
  5. Lucine – This name is translated from Italian meaning “moon”. This name is essentially the Italian version of the name Luna. If you like the more classic names, this might be the name for your baby girl.
  6. Aurora – The name Aurora represents the natural phenomenon that shows beautiful red and green lights in the sky. Aurora is also the name of the Roman goddess of dawn, literally translated from Latin. This name fits nicely with the early birds.
  7. Conny – This name is based on the word “constellation”, a group of stars that form a pattern in the celestial sphere. Stars are seen as bright lights that guide our way in the dark. If your daughter is a shining light in your life, this is the name for her!
  8. Selene – Selene is a Greek name meaning “moon”. In Greek mythology Selene is the goddess of the moon. The moon is a feminine symbol for the Greeks, a name for a real lady.
  9. Danae – In Greek mythology Danae became pregnant with Zeus, who appeared in the form of a golden rain, and was blessed with son Perseus. A novel name that could be interesting for your baby girl.
  10. Juno – Juno translates from Latin meaning ‘queen of the heavens’. It is also the Roman goddess of love and marriage, and the name of the space probe floating in orbit around the planet Jupiter. Juno is an extraordinary name that has many meanings, a beautiful name for a versatile girl.


  1. Zoran – Zoran is a Slavic name based on the feminine Zora. The name Zora carries the meaning “dawn” and “light.” This name is just as special as the sun!
  2. Angelo – Angelo has its origin in the Greek word angelos, which means “angel” or “messenger of God”. This name is especially common in Italy and Greece. If your baby is an angel, then this name fits him perfectly! For a girl you can use the name Angela.
  3. Cosmo – Cosmo refers directly to the cosmos. Originally the name is of Greek origin meaning “order, beauty”. If this name is a little too direct for you, the name Kasim could be an interesting alternative.
  4. Doran – Doran is a Greek name meaning “gift “. Initially this name has nothing to do with stars. However, at OSR we allow you to name a star after your baby as a gift. If your baby boy is a long expected gift, this name is worth considering.
  5. Charon – This is a versatile name, suitable for both boys and girls. Charon is the largest natural satellite of the dwarf planet Pluto. In Greek mythology, Charon is the ferryman who brought souls to the underworld. This name is versatile, perfect for when you don’t know your baby’s gender.
  6. Atlas – The name Atlas is based on the satellite that floats in between the rings of Saturn. In mythology Atlas had to carry the sky on his shoulders, his name also meaning “bearing”. A beautiful name for a strong boy.
  7. Tycho – The name Tycho refers to the star of Tycho, a new star that appeared in the constellation Cassiopeia in 1572. This star is named after Danish Astronomer Tycho Brahe. This cool name is worth considering.
  8. Chiron – The name Chiron is based on an asteroid that moves between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus. In Greek mythology Chiron represented a centaur, a being that is half human and half horse. He distinguished himself by his wisdom and his knowledge of medicine. Pass on this wisdom by naming your baby boy Chiron.
  9. Apollo – The name Apollo is based on the Apollo program, a space program set up by NASA to land mankind on the moon. The Apollo 11 was the first vehicle that succeeded. This name has a very meaningful history in space travel! A perfect name for space and NASA fan! So if you love everything about space, then you should consider this name for your son.
  10. Buzz – This name comes from the famous American Astronaut Buzz Aldrin. He was the second man to set foot on the moon. This adventurous name fits a unique performance. If you want your little ones’ name to have historical significance, Buzz is the way to go!

Inspiration for baby names from the stars

Are your children the center of your universe? Then the baby names from the stars in our overview may provide you with the inspiration you need. These beautiful baby names derived from the universe are definitely something to consider. Good luck choosing the perfect name for your baby!

Have you already picked a beautiful name for your baby and want to record it in the universe?

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