Baby names from the stars – part 1

18 Sep 2019

babynamen afgeleid van sterren

Expecting a baby? Congratulations! Where some people immediately have a name in mind, others doubt as to what could be the most suitable name. For expectant parents looking for inspiration we have prepared a list of baby names based on various phenomena in the universe.

Are you looking for heavenly inspiration for your child’s name? Or do you love everything about the universe wanting to give your child a name from the stars? In four different categories, each with 10 names for a boy or girl, you may gain inspiration for a special and unique baby name. This article contains the first part of our overview, baby names based on constellations and baby names based on the stars present in these constellations.

Baby names based on constellations

The following baby names are based on the 88 constellations in the sky.


  1. Andromeda – Andromeda is a princess in Greek mythology known to be one of the most beautiful women in the universe. This name is synonymous to beauty.
  2. Carina – The constellation Carina represents the most important part (the hull) of the Argonauts (the Greek Heroes) ship. A sturdy name for a trustworthy person.
  3. Columba – The constellation Columba symbolizes the dove Noah sent out to find land after the great flood. The dove symbolizes new life, peace and harmony. Columba is a lovely name for a baby girl.
  4. Lyra – In mythology the constellation Lyra symbolizes the lyre (a stringed instrument) that belongs to the great musician Orpheus. A nice name that would fit perfectly in your music loving family.
  5. Norma – Norma is a constellation of a group of mechanical instruments and represents a set-square. If you are a parent who does creative things or likes to draw, this baby name will fit your baby girl perfectly.
  6. Vela – The constellation Vela is also part of the Argonauts ship, representing the sails. A fun name that fits in nicely with the aforementioned Carina, a great idea if you wanted to name your child in the same theme.
  7. Cassiopeia – The constellation Cassiopeia, or the Queen, is the mother of Andromeda. She has a place in the heavens between her husband and daughter. A name with a royal touch.
  8. Callisto – Callisto is a mythical figure and represents the constellation Ursa Major. The jealous goddess Hera turned Callisto into a bear. The bear symbolizes strength and fits perfectly as a name for a tough girl!
  9. Leda – Leda is a queen from Sparta and appears in the myth surrounding the constellation Cygnus. In Greek Mythology, Zeus turned into a swan to seduce the queen. With a name like this your baby girl will have a royal time.
  10. Nemea – This name appears in the mythology surrounding the Leo zodiac sign. It represents the lion of Nemea killed by Hercules as the first of his twelve labors. Nemea is the name of the valley where the lion was located. Not only is this name suitable for a geographical location, but is also a cute baby name for a girl.


  1. Perseus – In Greek mythology Perseus represents the mortal son of Zeus that had defeated the monster Medusa. A strong name for a brave boy.
  2. Hercules – This constellation is also known as “The Strong Man” who defeated a lot of monsters as part of his 12 works. With a name like this you immediately think of an adventurous boy.
  3. Cepheus – Cepheus symbolizes the King Cepheus or Kepheus. He was the husband of Cassiopeia and the father of Andromeda. This constellation, together with Cassiopeia, always remains visible in the sky. Cepheus is a fitting name for a boy with a loyal personality.
  4. Draco – Draco represents the constellation Dragon. It is claimed that the dragon guarded the garden of the Hesperides. In this garden stood a tree with golden apples. If the apple of your eye can be a feisty one, this name will certainly suit him well.
  5. Leo – The zodiac sign Leo appears in many myths and legends. In one myth it states that the lion is in heaven because he is the king of the animals. This name is fitting for a loyal and ambitious boy.
  6. Orion – In Greek mythology, Orion represents a strong hunter. The only person Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, fell in love with. A beautiful name that radiates strength and love!
  7. Phoenix – This constellation represents the mythical bird that has risen from its own ashes. The Phoenix is ​​seen as the symbol for the daily rise and setting of the Sun. If your newborn son is the sun in your heaven, this is the name for him!
  8. Jason – Jason is a figure in Greek mythology that is often found in the stories surrounding the constellations. He was the leader of the Argonauts, to which a number of constellations are named, and managed to get hold of the golden fleece after an almost impossible adventure. Is your son a born leader? Then this name is perfect for him.
  9. Pavo – Pavo represents the peacock constellation. In Greek mythology this peacock was the holy bird of the goddess Hera. She had a wagon lead by these beautiful birds. If your son is the front runner pulling the wagon, then this name would fit him very well.
  10. Hunter – The name Hunter is based on the constellation Orion. A beautiful name that refers to one of the brightest and most famous constellations. This name is not to obvious, yet still inspired by the universe.

babynamen afgeleid van sterren - baby names

Baby names derived from the stars

The following baby names are based on the stars that are cataloged by astronomers.


  1. Nashira – Nashira is a star in the tail of the Capricornus constellation. In Arabic this name means “the fortunate one” or “the bringer of prosperity.” Does your girl radiate pure happiness? Then this is the name for her.
  2. Maera – Maera is a star in Canis Minor. In Greek mythology this constellation represents the dog of Icarus. Meara is also the daughter of the titan Atlas, that carries the world on his shoulders. Because of her loyalty to Icarus and Atlas, Maera now resides as a star in the sky. This name is very fitting for a girl who is sweet and dedicated.
  3. Chara – Chara is a star in the Canes Ventici constellation. This star represents the southern dog and means “Joy”. A happy name for a happy baby!
  4. Mira – Mira is the most important star in the constellation Cetus. This name translates to “wonderful” in Latin, because the star constantly changes in clarity. Is your little one very active? Then this girl’s name is the one for her!
  5. Rana – Rana is a star located in the constellation Eridanus, which is shaped like a river. Rana is a star in this river and means “bullfrog” in Latin. The frog gets its name from the mighty roaring sound that it makes. This name would fit nicely with a powerful girl.
  6. Miram – Miram (Eta Persei) is a star in the constellation Perseus. In China, this star is also known as part of the ship of the heavens. Miram is a star with little history, yet makes a charming name for a girl.
  7. Shaula – Shaula is a star located in the Scorpius constellation. The name is translated from Arabic meaning “the stinger”, as this star resides at the end of the scorpion’s tail. A strong name for a peppy child.
  8. Auva – Auva is a star located in the constellation Virgo. Auva is translated from Arabic meaning “the barker”. This star represents luck, profit and freedom. Does your baby girl bring you happiness? Then this name would fit her very well.
  9. Alya – Alya is a double star in the constellation of Serpens, which represents a snake. Alya is the last star in the tail of the snake. The Arab people believed this part of the universe to be part of a meadow, and called this star Alyah which means “the tail of the sheep.” If you like a short name with different meanings, then this name might be one to consider.
  10. Alula – The name Alula is based on the stars Alula Borealis and Alula Australe, which together form the right hind leg of the Ursa Major constellation. The bear symbolizes patience and self-control, which makes Alula a beautiful name for a calm baby.


  1. Altair – Altair is a star within the Aquila constellation, both of which share the same meaning in Latin, that being “The Eagle”. In different cultures this star plays a role in myths and stories. In India, for example, the star represents one of the footsteps of the god Vishnu. A bold name for a baby boy.
  2. Hamal – Hamal is a star in the Taurus constellation. The name is Arabic for “head of the ram”. In history between 2000 and 100 BC this star marked the beginning of spring. Was your baby born in the beginning of spring? Then this name will certainly be a good one to consider!
  3. Izar – Izar is a star in the constellation Boötes or Ox herder. The name Izar is based on the Arabic word for “veil”. The star is also called Pulcherrima, which is Latin for “loveliest”. This name would fit nicely with a sweet and somewhat shy boy.
  4. Castor – Castor is a star in the constellation Gemini, which together with the star Pollux dominate the bright constellation Gemini. Castor and Pollux represent brothers in various classical mythologies. If your son was born under this zodiac sign, then this is a very appropriate name. Are you having twins and looking for a suitable twin name? Then Castor is also a great option.
  5. Sirius – Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky and can be seen from almost every habitable point on the earth. The star is also called the “dog star”, because of its role as the dominant star in the constellation Canis Major. This bold name is perfect for a strong baby.
  6. Wolf – This name is based on the constellation Lupus, better known to the Babylonians as “Wolf.” The name “Wolf” originates in the time of the Renaissance, therefore having no mythological meaning. Taking good care of his pack is what the wolf is known for. An affectionate name for a sweet child.
  7. Sophian – Sophian is a double star in the constellation Hercules, also called Eta Herculis. It is based on the Arabic word for “pure” or the Greek word for “wisdom”. This is a fitting names for a smart and wise boy.
  8. Rigel – Rigel is a star in the constellation Orion. The name Rigel is popular in science fiction films, games and books. For example, a number of planets in the ‘Star Trek’ universe mention the name Rigel. If you like names with a special meaning, this name might be great for your son!
  9. Antares – Antares is the brightest star in the Scorpio constellation. This red star is clearly recognizable in the night sky. In mythology, the mother earth goddess Gaia sent the scorpion to stop the hunter Orion. This name is perfect for a strong and active baby.
  10. Vega – Vega is the brightest star in the constellation Lyra. In Western culture, Vega stands for the harp that Orpheus played so beautifully that even the gods could not get enough. In China, Vega symbolizes a story of forbidden love. The romantic meaning in this name is might be perfect for your little sweetheart!

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