What Your Zodiac Sign Says About How You’ll Celebrate the Holidays

With the holiday season officially here, festivity preparations are beginning. There’s lots of work to be done to make this time of the year extra special, so organization is at a premium to make sure that all tasks are accomplished on time.

We all have our personal style as to how things should be done, and it’s no surprise that our zodiac signs can give us a peek into our personalities and preferences when it’s time to organize the festivities.

Take a look at what your zodiac sign says about how you’ll want to celebrate this holiday season.

Aries: The Party Lover

The Aries, while aware of traditions, absolutely love a party. So those who are born under the sign of Aries can expect to fill their holiday calendars with lots of dinners, get-togethers, and parties.

If there aren’t enough parties, what’s an Aries to do? Host their own of course!

Taurus: The Gift Giver

The Taurus is a natural gift giver. Not only do Taureans like to receive gifts, but they are superb at giving them.

The Taurus is also incredibly organized, so expect gift lists, stores, and even sales, to have been identified well in advance of holiday shopping time.

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Gemini: The Traveler

Geminis love traveling, so what better excuse to do so than a holiday?

They love family, so if they live far away, a festive trip may be a great opportunity to see loved ones. Or our holiday traveler may convince the entire family to take a trip together to enjoy the holiday elsewhere.

Cancer: At Home in the Kitchen

For the zodiac’s epicurean fan, cooking and baking are the perfect way to celebrate this holiday season.

Well-planned menus with multiple dishes will provide a generous holiday banquet for family and friends. A serious Cancer will have considered all food intolerances and allergies as well as food preferences, so everyone is catered to.

Leo: The Social Gadabout

Leos love company, so any holiday activity becomes a must.

Decorating the Christmas tree, decorating your home with lights, caroling, going to the kids’ Christmas play, and organizing parties are all great reasons to get together with family and friends. And our lovely lion will document everything with photographs galore and videos for posterity.

Virgo: The Holiday Planner

Virgos are the Zodiac planning experts especially when it’s possible to avoid holiday stress.

Virgos have most likely been planning months in advance as they find comfort in programming. And they’ll take care of invites with dates and times to make sure no one is left out.

Scorpio: The Observer that Surprises

Scorpios are attentive observers and they’ve been contemplating what the perfect gift is for everyone on their list!

They’ll have registered likes, dislikes, and hints, and will have spent time getting the best present regardless of price. They also delight in surprising recipients.

Sagittarius: Joy Personified

If a get-together needs livening up, expect a Sagittarius to rise to the occasion.

Restocking the bar and appetizers, choosing yuletide music, or staging a snowball fight will be in Sagittarius’s stocking full of tricks.

Capricorn: A Lover of Tradition

Capricorns are the Zodiac’s lovers of holiday traditions. Family Christmas traditions include baking and decorating cookies, making gingerbread houses, dinners, tree lightings, marzipan, or eggnog.

Whatever annual tradition is dear to their hearts, you’ll find it on the schedule come this festive time.

Aquarius: The Selective Zodiac Sign

Aquarians will not be answering or satisfying every invite they receive. These folks are highly selective when deciding what they want to do and who they want to spend their time with.

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They will not be showing up to be seen. When an Aquarian appears, it’s because they really want to be there.

Pisces: The Consummate Host

Pisces cares deeply about loved ones and are sentimental in this regard. They will go out of their way to host festive activities and ensure that everyone is enjoying themselves.

With Pisces behind the wheel, no one will be left out.