Astronomy Gifts for 2022

06 Oct 2022

If you’re looking for a gift for a budding astronomer, then you’re in luck – there are plenty of great options out there to suit all budgets and interests. Whether it’s keepsakes and ornaments or something to enhance your space enthusiast’s stargazing, here are some ideas for astronomy gifts that are available right now.


When considering the top astronomy gifts for 2022, where else could we start but with telescopes? While they are one of the priciest gift ideas, they are an essential part of astronomy. Selecting a telescope can seem like a maze; There are refraction telescopes, reflection telescopes and catadioptric telescopes, and that’s before we even consider focal length, focal ratio and aperture. The Dobsonian reflector is considered by many to be the best beginner telescope due to its ease of use, value for money and wide range of potential targets, including planets, deep space objects and our moon. Telescopes with a 100–120mm diameter will give good views of the moon and inner planets but look for at least a 200mm telescope to see galaxies and nebulae.


In the absence of a telescope, binoculars are an excellent choice for planet hunting. With the right pair, you can even see Saturn’s rings and Jupiter’s four largest moons. The two details to consider when shopping for binoculars are aperture and magnification. Try to go for at least a 35mm aperture and a minimum of 7x magnification. 7×50 or 10×50 are often considered the optimal sizes for astronomy but bear in mind that the bigger you go, the heavier the binoculars will be – which could cause arm shaking in longer viewing sessions.

Name a Star

What better way to celebrate someone’s love of the stars than by naming one after them! The OSR Gift Pack contains a star chart and coordinates to help find your newly named star, along with an elegant certificate to hang on your wall. You can also upgrade to the Super Star Gift, which comes with an excellent selection of souvenirs, including a telescope, star globe and star poster.

Astronomy Almanac

A good almanac is a vital tool for any astronomer to plan stargazing activities and help locate celestial objects while out gazing. The annual guides contain information on upcoming meteor showers, moon phases and planetary conjunctions, along with directions on identifying constellations and galaxies.


Whether it’s mood lights, tableware, wall art or bed sheets, hundreds of homeware gifts are available to help deck out an enthusiast’s home. In recent years, galaxy light projectors that flood a room with the colours of the cosmos have proven hugely popular. More classic options include crystal paperweights and drinking glasses decorated with depictions of the constellations.

Red Light Torch

The best stargazing opportunities will always be found away from the light pollution of the city. But fumbling through the optimal darkness isn’t always easy! It might be tempting to carry a standard torch to light the way, but harsh white light will damage your night vision, making it harder to observe the stars. The perfect solution is a red light torch, which will provide subtle illumination while preserving night vision capabilities.

It’s the Thought That Counts

There’s a wide range of options out there to please every enthusiast, from beginner stargazers to the most veteran cosmologist. But, as with any present, it’s the sentiment behind the giving that counts. While any of the gifts listed here are sure to put a smile on the face of the astronomer in your life, our top astronomy gift for 2022 is the OSR Name a Star gift pack, offering the perfect blend of scientific interest and heart-warming sentimentality.

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