The Best Kiss Ever Tutorial

04 Jan 2017

Best Valentines Kiss

That first kiss is something we all remember. The softness of each other’s lips, the intimate exchange of one person joining another, it can be the best feeling in the world… or it can be a horrific moment we would love to erase from our memories.

Kissing isn’t necessarily something we are born knowing how to do. Before I got married, I had a couple of potential boyfriends that were utterly hopeless at kissing and I have got to tell you, it was a definite deal breaker. Don’t become a “kissing bandit” stealing kisses because no one will willing submit to being kissed by you, read on to find out the proper technique for kissing and the different styles that are available to practice with.

Prince Charming

You might have to kiss a lot of toads to find Prince Charming

The Love Kiss

This is your basic kiss that is done when you are feeling the emotions for your loved one. Having those love feelings when kissing someone will change how your kisses come across. This type of kiss will usually be soft and sweet and full of love emotions. This is a gentle kiss that is appropriate for beginning relationships.

Angel Kisses

Angel kisses are a delicate way to say goodbye or to awaken someone. To do this use your lips and gently kiss the person’s eyelids or right next to the eye. It is soft and romantic.

The Wet Kiss

The wet kiss can be very romantic or it can get sloppy and out of control. As the name suggests, this is an open-mouth kiss (with or without tongue). Some wetness can be sexy, but too much and you are going to make your partner feel like they are drowning. To avoid that from occuring, be sure to swallow that extra saliva.

French Kiss

We have probably all heard of the French kiss. This is when you and your partner touch tongues while kissing. This type of kiss can be very sexy and sultry, but again remember not to overdo it in the heat of the moment. Stuffing your tongue in one’s mouth and leaving it there is not the technique and is very gross.

The Best Kiss Ever Tutorial

Make it memorable

The Lizard Kiss

Another kiss involving the tongue is the lizard kiss. This is when you use your tongue and flick it in and out of your partner’s mouth in quick movements (like a lizard). But use this with caution, as not all recipients find this type of kiss appealing.

The Lip Gloss Kiss

This type of kiss is fun for the girls. Find a flavoured lip gloss and apply generously to your own lips. Now rub your lips on your partner until you are both coated. The taste and sensation can be a lot of fun. For an added spark, try lip gloss that has some tingle or glitter added to it.

Spiderman Style

If you have seen the movie then you know this kiss involves one of you hanging upside down and kissing the other. This gives a totally different sensation to your lips as your partners bottom lip will be on your top lip and visa versa. This may not be the easiest to execute, but it is fun.

Red Lip Gloss Kiss

The rosey red lip gloss kiss

Single-Lip Kiss

This is a fun and romantic kiss, that involves taking your partners lip and gently tugging or sucking on it. Done properly is can be very exciting, just remember it’s a tug, not a bite.

The Eskimo Kiss

Not all kisses have to involve the lips, Eskimo kisses are a cute gesture that requires you to rub noses with your partner. This is based on the way Eskimos kiss in the cold.

Butterfly Kisses

Another non-lip involved kiss is the butterfly kiss. This one is done by taking your eyelashes and gently fluttering them against your partner’s eyelashes. This can also be done by using your eyelashes on the cheeks of your loved one.

So now you know some of the specific kisses, but how do you execute them properly? This can be a scary moment, which will take you reading your partner’s body language. Direct eye contact, touching and snuggling close can all be signs that your partner is ready for a nice kiss. Start out gently and lovingly and see where it goes from there. Always be sure your partner is relaxed and receptive to being kissed and is enjoying it as much as you are. For a few more pointers of when you may want to make your move, check out this fun YouTube video below.

Kissing is an art form. Whether you are born with the kissing powers of a Prince or you have to work at it some, it can be a great adventure with the right person.

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