Quiz: Which Zodiac sign is your true love?

zodiac love quiz

Are you single and looking for your perfect match? Or are you curious if the zodiac sign of your partner suits you well, according to astrology? Find out what zodiac sign you will fall in love with!

According to astrology, some zodiac signs fit better together than others. A zodiac sign can say a lot about a person’s personal traits and other characteristics. The best combinations are not only determined by the zodiac sign that someone has, but also have to do with several factors such as the Ascendant, the Sun and the position of the Moon. Still, astrology can go a long way in the love field. Check which zodiac sign your ideal partner has and do this quiz to find out if your love is written in the stars.

1. What qualities should your partner have?
A. Mysterious, assertive and sensual.
B. Honest, goal-oriented and optimistic.
C. Caring, creative and sensitive.
D. Ambitious, serious and loyal.

2. What activity do you prefer to do during a date?
A. Take a yoga class together.
B. Swinging at a concert of your favorite band.
C. Walking in the woods or on the beach.
D. Play old-fashioned board games or online games.

3. What does your ideal Saturday night look like?
A. Watching the stars with my lover.
B. To the cinema with friends.
C. Dinner with family.
D. Read a book at home or watch my favorite series.

zodiac love quiz

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4. You go stargazing with your date. What do you spot first in the night sky?
A. The North Star.
B. The Moon.
C. Ursa Major.
D. Constellation Orion.

5. What do you think are important aspects in a relationship?
A. Affection and trust.
B. Empathy and kindness.
C. Acceptance and vulnerability.
D. Dedication and honesty.

6. With which pet do you want to expand your household?
A. A rabbit.
B. A cat.
C. A puppy.
D. A fish.

7. What kind of job should your dream partner have?
A. Tour guide.
B. Marketer.
C. Artist.
D. Teacher.

8. What is your dream vacation?
A. Island hopping through Thailand.
B. Spotting the Big Five in South Africa.
C. Camper trip through Canada.
D. Backpacking through Iceland.

Most answers are A:
Your ideal partner has the zodiac sign of Aries, Taurus or Scorpio. Characteristic traits of people with these zodiac signs are: courageous, enthusiastic, mysterious, practical and assertive. These people have a sweet and gentle nature, but also have a strong will and can be stubborn at times. A tip for when you go on a date is to leave the destination and content of the date to him or her. Let yourself be surprised!

Most answers are B:
You are a match made in heaven with a Sagittarius, Gemini or Leo. People born with this zodiac sign are honest, optimistic, independent, goal-oriented, eager to learn and charismatic. They like socializing and enjoy taking part in activities. A tip for when you go on a date is to go to a concert together or to meet up with each other’s friends. Success guaranteed!

Most answers are C:
You are a perfect match with a Cancer, Libra or Pisces. People born with this zodiac sign are creative, sensitive, emotional and caring. These people are very fond of animals and nature. Their high energy level is perfect for a puppy. Go for a walk in the woods with a dog during your date.

Most answers are D:
According to astrology you are a good match with a Capricorn, Aquarius or Virgo. Characteristic traits of people with these zodiac signs are: serious, loyal, responsible, ambitious, organizational, perfectionist and they have an eye for detail. They usually have a busy and pleasant life and have a go with the flow vision of life. It is important that these people take their rest from time to time. So choose a relaxed date: go stargazing together or organize a game night.

Hopefully you have found out what zodiac sign you will fall in love with. Maybe you want to surprise your match made in heaven with a unique gift. Immortalize your love among the stars with an unforgettable gift taken from the universe.

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