Top 11 original Valentines gifts for 2022

26 Jan 2022

OSR blog post

Monday 14 February 2022 is Valentine’s day! The day to give your lover a lot of extra love. That’s why we’ll share 11 original Valentines day gifts for 2022 with you! Read on to get inspired.

1. OSR Gift Pack

Number one in the top 11 original Valentines gifts for 2022 is the OSR Gift Pack. There is nothing more extraordinary than naming a star for your Valentine to let them know how much they mean to you! When naming a star you can pick your star name, stardate, star colour and choose the constellation in which the star is located. Every star is unique because it has her own coordinates and specific properties.

Are you looking for an original Valentines gift? Then think of an OSR Gift Pack in Valentines Day theme! Here you will find a romantic ‘Happy Valentines day’ theme paper, which makes your present even more exceptional. You can also personalize the gift by giving the star a name, date and zodiac sign and writing a sweet personal message on the message card

The OSR Gift Pack contains the star certificate, personal message card, a rotating star map, which comes in a love themed envelope. Surprise your lover and make eyes twinkle! Did you know you can watch your star anytime with our free OSR Star Finder app?

Original Valentines gifts for 2022

2. Binoculars

Binoculars are an amazing gift for a romantic date with your loved one, so you can look at the stars together. Now you can enjoy each other’s company and discover all the magic that our universe has to offer!

3. A nice message holder

When you think of Valentine’s Day, you probably think of love letters full of cute words. But how do you ensure it doesn’t end up in a drawer somewhere? In the OSR Gift Pack you will find a dazzling message card, which you can display with a message holder, for example in your living room or on your desk!

4. Take a balloon flight with your lover

Another original Valentine’s Gift is taking a balloon flight with your lover. During a flight you really have all the time for each other to enjoy the view at great heights. Love is in the air!

5. A soft blanket to stay warm

Everyone can use some extra warmth and love, in the cold months. How romantic is it to watch your favorite movies or series under a nice soft blanket together! Add your favorite drink and snacks and the evening is complete.

6. A personalized mug for your favorite hot drink

Do you have a cute photograph together? Or maybe some words you always say to each other? Why not place this on a mug! This way your lover can always look at it. Now drinking a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate becomes even more fun. With this you provide those little moments of happiness for your loved one every day!

7. Astrology book

Is your partner crazy about astrology? And are you looking for an original Valentine’s gift? Then consider a book on astrology! It doesn’t matter if you’re already familiar with astrology, there’s a different experience of the Universe for everyone.

8. Jewelry with your zodiac sign

Want to showcase your love with a personal and original gift? Gift your partner beautiful jewelry in their zodiac sign! A constellation is made visible by the sun shining on the stars from a certain angle. This changes every few months so that your birth month determines which zodiac sign belongs to you. A zodiac sign is a collection of stars which apparently forms a figure if one were to connect them by lines.

Original Valentines gifts for 2022

9. Lunar calendar poster

Do you love your partner to the moon and back? Then give a nice poster with a lunar calendar in it as a gift! With the moon phase calendar 2022 you can see which phase the moon is in every day of the month. The best part is it also looks great on your wall!

10. A mini projector that pairs with your smartphone

Searching for a Valentine’s day gift doesn’t have to be difficult! Get a mini projector that you can pair easily with your smartphone to watch your favorite pictures and videos together on a big screen. Now you can reminisce about things you have experienced and enjoy your time together!

Original Valentines gifts for 2022

11. Booking a romantic overnight stay

Spend the night together in a cube-shaped house with a transparent dome to discover the magic of the universe together!
⭐Extra tip: Organize a romantic picnic to see your own named star using the star map from the OSR Gift Pack. Show how much you care and discover the wonders of the universe together!

Hopefully we have been able to inspire you with original Valentines gifts for 2022. Want to surprise your loved one by naming a star? Then choose our OSR Gift Pack with the Valentine’s Day theme!

Want to make your loved ones’ eyes sparkle? Pick the most romantic gift for Valentine’s Day and name a star!

Name your star!